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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


D12 to perform at MTV Movie Awards

D12 will be performing at this years MTV Movie Awards in June.

03 May 2004 by News Team
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Lloyd Banks "On Fire" video

Missed the premier of the new Lloyd Banks video "On fire" on MTV? Check out MTV.com to watch the video. Don't forget to vote!

03 May 2004 by News Team
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Happy birthday Lloyd Banks!

Lloyd Banks turned 22 (April 30). Happy Birthday!

03 May 2004 by News Team
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D12 album release party

There was a reason fierce security teams straddled the State Theatre Friday night, with Eminem and his musical crew, D12, getting whisked into the building around 10:30. A crowd of 2,800 already was gathered inside for a show from Detroit's hottest hip-hop group.

Just blocks away from its two sold-out shows last summer at Ford Field, the six-man team whipped up a set list made up largely of songs from its new album, "D12 World," which was released Tuesday and is expected to sell close to a million copies its first week. Eminem was first to appear on stage, but soon was joined by rappers Proof, Kon Artis, Kuniva, Swift and Bizarre. They were joined midway through by surprise guest 50 Cent, fellow Shady Records label-mate.

Inside the steamy State, fans chanted along word-for-word with cuts such as "Just Like You" and "40 Oz." It was the kickoff of a D12 year that is expected to include a national tour with fellow Detroit rap group Slum Village.

Eminem, who is in the studio completing work on his fourth album, is not expected to join the group on the road. (By Brian McCollum)

03 May 2004 by News Team
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50 Cent & Swift speak on upcoming Eminem LP

50 Cent knows the score. When Eminem finally drops his long-
awaited new solo record later this year, 50 Cent will run for cover.

"My advice to myself, and all others, is to let Em's release date go
by and, after that, we can all come out comfortably," he said,

"Nothing is safe when that time comes around. Em is dropping a bomb."

50 Cent should know. He has heard tracks from the new Eminem record.

"It's very different," he told Inside Entertainment magazine.

"It's still Em rapping, but the concepts and things he talks about
are somewhere else. He has gone in another direction."

Ondre Moore (Swift), of D12, says the hip-hop superstar, born Marshall
Mathers, has taken the last few years to get a life.

"He always shows growth with each album he brings out," said Moore,
who has also heard Eminem's new solo tracks.

"This new album shows growth, understanding and the fact that Eminem
has paid attention to everything going on around him.

"He is doing his thing. The only thing is, this particular thing
sounds like it was recorded on Saturn or Pluto."

30 Apr 2004 by News Team

Associated Press - review of the D12 World

D12, "D-12 World" (Shady/Interscope)

Eminem's talented crew faces a three-part identity crisis on "D-12 World." The five rappers struggle to carve out their own sound in the booming Midwestern hip-hop scene, distinguish their individual personalities and, hardest of all, emerge from the long shadow of "the lead singer of the band."

They cleverly confront the final challenge in the playful, gimmicky "My Band," but Eminem's dominance is apparent from the CD's first verse. His minute-plus fusillade on "Git Up" is a study in voice control and vitriol that no other D12 member can match.

Bizarre doesn't even try, but his twisted humor and abrupt stop-and-go flow make him the most interesting and easily identifiable of the crew. The other four - Proof, Swift, Kuniva and producer-rapper Kon Artis - are skilled enough but their voices blend a bit too easily, a significant flaw in such a large group.

It's nevertheless a guilty pleasure to hear them trade politically incorrect punchlines on tumbling free-for-alls like "6 in the Morning" and "40 Oz."

The crew, which seems energized by beats from Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Hi-Tek, also seriously examines "Loyalty" and the ups and downs of friendship (on "How Come" and "Good Die Young").

The album is largely produced by Eminem, and his synthesized Detroit bounce has matured in recent years, making "D-12 World" feel less slapped-together than the group's 2001 debut, "Devil's Night."

A limited number of "D-12 World" CDs include a DVD featuring two videos and a follow-the-group-around-with-a-camera documentary that is overly long, but helps flesh out the personalities behind the music.

Source: Ryan Pearson, AP Writer

30 Apr 2004 by News Team
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Jodie Marsh to perform as Eminem

Jodie Marsh is set to star in the next series of Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes - and wants to perform as Eminem.

The glamour model, who recently starred in The Games, will appear on the show next month, despite claiming she can't sing.

While she really wants to do Eminem, she doesn't think gender-swapping is allowed, so she might do a female rapper like Eve - to hide her lack of singing talent.

28 Apr 2004 by News Team
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Eminem just one of the guys in D12's world

DETROIT (AP) -- In D12's world, Eminem's just one of the guys in the group.

Most groups, however, don't include a Grammy- and Oscar-winning member who has sold more than 30 million records.

The six-member Detroit-based hip-hop group rode their most famous member to a successful debut album, 2001's "Devil's Night," which sold 4 million copies.

Now D12 is back with a follow-up, "D12 World," which was released on Tuesday.

The lead single, "My Band," spoofs how much attention Eminem receives at the expense of the other five.

"We just wanted to poke fun at ourselves and at the media about how they portray us and how they see us," Kuniva said. "They see us as a band or a bunch of background singers, and Eminem's the lead singer. ... We just got into the mind of a band who's jealous of a lead singer, and it was just funny. We had fun doing it."

"My Band" has received substantial play on both rap and top 40 stations alike and is in rotation on MTV. It features a catchy chorus and a number of humorous lines, including several by Bizarre, who others in the group say might be D12's funniest lyricist.

""Lose Yourself' video -- I was in the back/"Superman' video -- I was in the back" he raps. "For the media, I got some suggestions/(Forget) Marshall, ask us the questions/Like who are D12, how we get started/But what about Eminem?/Are you retarded?"

Click "read more" for some more interesting info...

28 Apr 2004 by News Team

Universal Music, Def Jam and Shady Records: Video On Demand!

An interesting new service coming out of the States today: Universal Music, the recording giant, has announced the trial of a music video video-on-demand service. The scheme, the mechanics of which are being provided by Gotuit Media, will offer digital cable subscribers on-demand access to music videos from an initial catalogue of a couple of hundred new music clips.

The company will also offer specific sub-label-branded channels offering the same service. The first two will be from hip-hop labels Def Jam and rap star Eminem�s vanity label, Shady Records. Other possible sub-label-branded channels include a Verve Records jazz video channel.

The service will apparently be offered for free, as the service is seen by the record company as an advertising medium for its artists.

27 Apr 2004 by News Team

D12's New Album Out Today!

D12 will release their sophomore set, D12 World, Tuesday (April 27). The set features guest appearances from Obie Trice and B-Real and the production of Eminem, Kon Artis, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Red Spyda, Sicknotes, and Trackboyz.

The group's 2001 debut Devil's Night was certified platinum for sales of a million copies. When LAUNCH spoke to group member Proof, he predicted that the group will sell twice as many records this time. He said: "I think we gonna double what we did last time. Not that I want to speak on it or jinx it or nothing like that but we gonna do real well. We didn't plan on making this album to try to beat the last album. We just went and did what we normally do with the formulas that we got."

Proof also explained that the new album is very diverse and it covers topics that the group didn't address on their debut. He said: "It's a very diverse album and it covers what we did last time and with the growth of it, it's gonna cover a lot more ground that we didn't get to cover last time."

The lead single from D12 World, "My Band," is currently Number Eight on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Source: LAUNCH Radio Networks

27 Apr 2004 by News Team
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