Never a dull moment with The Game, as he now challenges Eminem to a Verzuz battle that will likely never happen.

In a recent Revolt’s 4 hour long Drink Champs episode, The Game made sure to keep the viewers entertained. As if praising Kanye over Dr. Dre and discussing Biggie’s assassination was not enough of entertainment, he had to take a stab at Eminem as well. If there was any doubt about the level of his intoxication, him starting the Eminem beef over a prop fail during his Super Bowl performance, as if that was somehow his fault, answers that question. If anyone didn’t get it (was it even a fail? I thought it was meant to blow up lol), The Game was actually upset with Eminem because the part of the stage that Eminem was standing on, and was apparently made to resemble the Compton courthouse (that The Game is apparently very emotionally tied to lmao), got damaged during Eminem’s reveal. And he did not stop there, as he proceeded by declaring his rapping superiority over Eminem and calling him out for a Verzuz battle to prove it. If not before, then that’s when the liquor officially hit:

“I’m not worried about another man. Which is why niggas expect me to be so angry about the Super Bowl. I don’t give a fuck about that. I saw Dr. Dre. I saw Fifty hanging upside down. I saw Mary. I had one problem with Super Bowl! One! You wanna know what it is? Eminem stepped on the Compton courthouse, and it broke. You wouldn’t know unless you’ve been in the Compton courthouse, or you came out of the Compton courthouse, or your mother was in the Compton courthouse fighting for custody of you like me, or you’ve seen your niggas get sentenced to life in the Compton courthouse. It would mean nothing to you, but it meant something to me.

No, look, Eminem is Eminem. I like Eminem. He’s one of the fucking good MCs, great MCs. I used to think Eminem was better than me. He’s not. He’s not. HE IS NOT. Challenge it! Yes, I do go to Verzuz against Em. Yes, I do! It’s not drama. Swizz and Timbaland know it’s bigger than Verzuz. I’m not saying I want smoke with Eminem. I’m saying I want smoke with Eminem, him and him. Whoever!”

— The Game

So what’s this “Compton courthouse” you ask?

Seriously? We’ve all been drunk before, but bruh… 😂

Full 4 hour video here:

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