Eminem’s Family Tree

Meet The Shady family, as of 2003 🙂 Update coming soon!

Eminem family tree

Betty Kresin

eminem grandma betty kresin

Marshall’s grandmother.

Debbie Mathers Brigs

Eminem’s mother, Debbie Mathers Briggs has been married four times – John Briggs is the latest husband.

Marshall Bruce Mathers II

Started dating Debbie when she was 15. He left when Eminem was 18 months old. Eminem blames his mother for separating him from his father, though it is unknown whether Eminem has ever tried to contact Bruce of his own accord.

Steven Nelson

Had a (non-fatal) stroke after Ronnie’s suicide. Betty Kresin says it was a result of the stress.

Todd Nelson

Divorced first wife, Janice. Remarried Katherine. Was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter for shooting Janice’s brother in self-defence. Educated in law, Todd is campaigning against asbestos use in prisons.


Divorced from Todd. In the documentary Debbie describes Janice as a “fighter” and they argue over Korey’s wish to live with Debbie and Nathan.

Betty Renee

Now Eminem’s live-in housekeeper in his gated mansion in Clinton township, Michigan, together with her husband Jack and their 3 kids. Betty Kresin says that Renee attacked her with mace when she was selling Eminem t-shirts.

Ronnie Nelson

Born in 1971 just a couple of months apart, Ronnie and Eminem grew up as close friends. Ronnie Nelson committed suicide with a shotgun in 1992 aged 19, and is remembered in the song ‘Stan’. Eminem has a tattoo tribute to him.

Nathan Mathers

Now lives with Eminem and wants to be a rap star. Features as Lil ‘Em in the video for ‘Without Me’.

Marshall Mathers III (aka Slim Shady aka Eminem)

Also known as Eminem and Slim Shady. Uncle Ronnie introduced Marshall to hip hop in 1983 when he bought him Ice T’s Reckless.

Kim Mathers

Fostered at the age of 13 by Debbie, she married Eminem in 1996 – the same year she gave birth to their daughter, Hailie Jade. Since their divorce, Kim has frequently been the subject of Eminem’s songs.

Corey Nelson Hailie Mathers

Lives with his father, Todd. Still in High School, excelling in mechanics. Thought to feature as the young, snubbed autograph-seeker in Eminem’s hit single, Stan.

Hailie Mathers

Eminem’s loved daughter, born in the year Eminem and Kim married. Now lives with Eminem.


If you are interested in your own ancestry, there are web sites that offer ancestry information and ability to search for your family tree in online family tree databases. These services promise to create family tree searches based on data available and usually include further hints for searching genealogy online. We will publish more info on this subject soon.