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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Whoo Kid: Jay-Z is signing to the math!

Whoo Kid was on Westwood this friday and he spoke on some real shit.

-> Listen to the audio file <-

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
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50 Cent album news

50 Cent has done a new track for his new album, which features Dr.Dre and Eminem. The track (Detox beat) is produced by the Doc himself. 50 also recorded a track with Jay-Z for his new album.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
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Jay-Z & DR. Dre

Jay-Z is strongly considering Jimmy / Dre's offer to do the album with only Dre production. "Jay-Z's signin' and he ain't retirin'". Well, thats a big statement. That would be so fuckin dope. Quote this as a rumor. You know, Dre is too busy right now with Busta, Eve, Eminem and the new single of 50 Cent.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
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The Game ablum news

The Game has several tracks for his album with all G-Unit on them. He got 7 beats from Dre, plus Kanye, Blaze and many more. According to Game himself, "Ni**a witta attitude" is scheduled to release in september.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
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D12 US tour

D12 ON US TOUR (2004):
6/19 Milwaukee
6/20 Chicago
6/21 Chicago
6/22 Minneapolis
6/25 Seattle
6/27 San Francisco
6/28 San Francisco
6/30 San Diego
7/1 Los Angeles
7/3 Las Vegas
7/4 Phoenix
7/5 Albuquerque
7/6 Denver � With Kanye West, Young Bloodz & Chingy
7/8 Austin
7/9 Dallas
7/10 Houston
7/11 New Orleans
7/14 Orlando
7/17 Myrtle Beach
7/18 Norfolk
7/19 Washington D.C.
7/21 Philadelphia
7/22 New Jersey
7/23 New York
7/24 Providence
7/25 New Haven
7/27 Pittsburgh
7/29 St. Louis
7/30 Cincinnati
7/31 Cleveland � With Kanye West, Young Bloodz & Chingy
8/1 Detroit

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
! |

The Hunger For More

Along with the standard version of album a limited edition G-UNIT COLLECTION will be released that includes the standard CD, as well as Special Packaging made from Money Paper, a 25 Minute DVD wiht the Never before Seen "My Buddy" Animated Video, and a Bonus Track.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
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New D12 videos

D12 recently finished shooting two new videos. Videos for the tracks �How Come� & �Git Up� were shot recently and are currently going through final editing. Look for the videos to premiere in the next few weeks on your local music television stations.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team
! |

Yayo out of prison!

Five and a half months after flirting with freedom, G-Unit's Tony Yayo is out of prison. He's hoping to stay out this time.

Yayo was released from a federal jail facility in New York Monday afternoon after serving time for possessing a forged passport. He was discovered with the faulty document by his parole officer just one day after being released from an upstate New York incarceration facility after serving a year on bail-jumping and weapons charges.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team

The G-Unit summer

Lloyd Banks' "The Hunger For More" album will be available as a limited "G-Unit Collectors Edition". The Limited Edition Collectors item will include a 25 minute DVD and Bonus Track featuring Tony Yayo. Release June 29th.

02 Jun 2004 by News Team

Eminem wins case against Dutch online retailer

A court in the Hague ruled in favour of Eminem in a case the popular 28-year-old American rap and hip-hop artist brought against Ramshorn BV, a Dutch online company.

Ramshorn, whose website offers cheap and �rare� CDs by artists like Eminem, was charged with copyright and trademark violations.

Cases cited included the CDs Eminem is Back and All Stars Eminem - The Greatest Hits.

The first contains tracks that had been rejected for release. The other has a misleading title - considering that it only contains covers of Eminem�s songs. All of this was done without the artist�s approval, the court was told.

27 May 2004 by News Team

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