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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Evil Genius" DJ Green Lantern Set To Launch Mixtape Radio And Release Debut Album, Next Year!

Eminem's favorite mixtape DJ Green Lantern, has signed on to produce a three-hour syndicated radio show on stations across the country.

Mix-Tape Radio, the new, 3-hour weekly radio show announced today by New York-based syndicator X Radio and producer FM2, in which Green will have the opportunity to showcase all of his phenomenal skills as well as his amazing rolodex of artists in a way not previously available to listeners nationwide.

A member of the Shady Aftermath family, Green Lantern is expected to drop his own mixtape album titled Armageddon early next year. "Armageddon" is built around Green�s unique talent behind the boards and will include features by Em and the Shady fam, 50 Cent and G Unit, label newcomers Busta Rhymes and Stat Quo as well as Fat Joe, Wyclef, Ghostface, T.I. the late ODB and many more.

13 Dec 2004 by News Team

It's a bum rap, says Eminem crew

IMMIGRATION officials will today investigate whether American rap crew D12 was unduly lectured on appropriate behaviour before being allowed into the country.

The Detroit rap group, linked to rap music supremo Eminem, perform in Melbourne tonight.

They arrived in Perth on Saturday for their Australian tour, but were only allowed to enter after officials told them how they should behave.

The Sunday Herald Sun said the group were told by an immigration staff member they could only enter if they obeyed certain behaviour codes.

Eminem has since accused the Federal Government of taking Australia back to the dark ages by reading the riot act to his rap crew members.

13 Dec 2004 by News Team

D12 slam Australian government

AMERICAN rapper Eminem's group has accused the federal government of taking Australia back to the dark ages by reading the riot act to its members before allowing them into the country.

13 Dec 2004 by News Team

'Loyal To The Game' - new 2Pac album, produced by Eminem

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The legacy of 2Pac continues to grow with the December 14th release of "Loyal To The Game" (Amaru/Interscope Records). The Eminem-produced album features 13 new recordings based on dozens of hours of tape 2Pac left behind after his shooting death in September 1996.

Guest performers include Eminem ("Black Cotton," "Soldier Like Me"), 50 Cent (with Lloyd Banks and Young Buck on "Loyal To The Game"), Jadakiss ("Po Nigga Blues"), Nate Dogg ("Thugs Get Lonely Too," "Out On Bail"), Obie Trice ("Hennessey"), and the Outlawz ("The Upper Cut"). The remaining track titles are "Ghetto Gospel" (which includes an unlikely sample from Elton John), "Who Do You Love," "Thug For Life," "Stay A Crooked Nigga Too" and "Don't You Trust Me."

11 Dec 2004 by News Team

Eminem & Dr. Dre cameo for Pauly

Eminem and Dr. Dre are just two of the artists who appear in Pauly Shore's movie, "Pauly Shore is Dead: You'll Never Wiez In This Town Again." The film is set for release on DVD and video on January 25, 2005.

11 Dec 2004 by News Team

Your sexy virtual bartender

Sexy virtual bartender Here's something to piss off those feminists who are without an ounce of appreciation for humour.

So basically, all feminists.

Those of you able to see things for what they are will enjoy the geniuenly funny, although admittedly erotic situations you can get the Virtual Bartender into.

Besides the obviously perverted commands you'll try to get her to follow, like "show me your ass" and "show me your tits" I suggest telling her to "change", for an interesting twist (you might wanna stop wanking prior to issuing this command, in case somebody walks on you ), and "fight" for a shameless attempt at exciting the geeky freaks among us. "Pillow fight" is an interesting one as well while nothing beats the good old... oh well, that one youll have to find on yourself :)

09 Dec 2004 by News Team

D12 members will go solo

After two collective releases, the 5 remaining members of D12 are set to drop solo mixtapes before the year's end and are preparing their solo full lengths for next year. Following his Miz Jamz From The Hood mixtape, Bizarre is the first member scheduled to drop solo in 2005's second quarter. The CD has yet to be titled and will be released through Sanctuary/BMG. Right behind Bizarre, Proof is preparing his long delayed solo debut Searching For Jerry Garcia through his own Iron Fist/Shady Records imprint. In the meantime, Proof will star in various projects, including mixtapes and a team effort with Detroit emcee Dogmatic. Also, Kuniva and Kon Artis have regrouped to form the duo, Runyon.

08 Dec 2004 by News Team

Like Toy Soldiers video premiere

The video for "Like Toy Soldiers" premiered on TRL! (Dec 3rd). To watch the New Eminem video for "Like Toy Soliders" exclusively at Launch.com then tell us what you think about it at our Eminem forum.

08 Dec 2004 by News Team

Suge Knight under investigation for Dr. Dre attack

Suge Knight is under investigation by the police, following allegations he was involved in the VIBE Awards violence. Dre met with officials late Monday at the Santa Monica police station, where he demanded that his alleged attacker, Jimmy 'James' Johnson, be charged with assault and battery.

08 Dec 2004 by News Team

Some Eminem updates & news

XXL magazine's fifth annual Love/Hate year-end double issue, featuring an exclusive interview with rapper Eminem. Allhiphop reports that Eminem will also grace the cover of this special issue of the hip-hop magazine, due out December 7. Eminem's latest album, "Encore," is out now.

Eminem, for one, was so moved by Pac that he approached Shakur's mother, Afeni, and asked to work on the deceased icon's next posthumous album, Loyal to the Game. Eminem ended up producing 13 tracks for Loyal to the Game, with the first single being "Thugs Get Lonely Too," featuring Nate Dogg. As of right now, Loyal to the Game still has a release date of December 14, according to Interscope. Afeni Shakur plans on using a portion of the proceeds to build a Tupac Amaru Shakur center for the arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia. "I was given some Tupac a cappellas and just went crazy with them," Slim Shady said. "It's been a longtime dream for me to be able to get to a level of being able to produce not only other artists, but somebody that I looked up to in general. People will see when it comes out. It is what it is, I'm bumping it right now."

08 Dec 2004 by News Team

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