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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Bizarre explains "Punk'd" episode...

D-12's Bizarre, who appeared on MTV's prank series, Punk'd, recently discussed the televised practical joke and the reaction he received from family members and friends.

On the episode, Bizarre was pulled over by a fake officer after the rapper withdrew money from an ATM that gave him more than he requested.

The officer, played by a member of the Punk'd crew, questioned Bizarre about his ATM transaction. The rapper said family and friends called him afterward to rib him on his appearance.

" always into some crazy s**t. I don't be in that much crazy s**t as he's in," Bizarre told AllHipHop.com. "I just felt like, the ATM machine, if it spits out this money, and I put my PIN number in here, all it can do is take it out from my account. I was just like 'This is unbelievable. I know this isn't my ATM machine.'"

12 May 2005 by News Team

Eminem to perform latest single for first time during MTV Movie Awards

Young Hollywood is set to shine once again as MTV announced its first group of presenters for the 14th annual 2005 MTV Movie Awards, with a special performance by Eminem.

The rapper/actor (Eminem) will debut his latest single, �Ass Like That,� from the current multi-platinum album Encore, for the first time on television during the show.

12 May 2005 by News Team

Eminem settles lawsuit with Apple

Eminem and Apple have settled a copyright infringement lawsuit, after the rapper accused the computer giant of using one of his songs without permission.

Eminem�s Eight Mile Style filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Detroit against Apple last year, claiming that the company used his chart topping song �Lose Yourself� in a commercial for Apple�s popular Ipod digital music player illegally.

12 May 2005 by News Team

Dave Chappelle in South African mental institution

Comedy Central golden boy Dave Chappelle has admitted himself into a mental health facility in Africa, as reported by Entertainment Weekly today (May 12).

The comedian has been M.I.A. since last week, after Comedy Central officials announced plans to postpone production with an undetermined re-start date of the third season of �Chappelle�s Show.�

Chappelle flew to South Africa from Newark, NJ for treatment on April 28, quotes an unidentified source close to the show. The facility has not been named.

12 May 2005 by News Team

New Eminem avatars and buddy icons

We have added some new Eminem avatars and buddy icons. Thanks to those of you who submitted them, more avatars and other gfx comming soon!

06 May 2005 by News Team
! |

Eminem on top of the VWMC lineup

This year's schedule for the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville includes two of the most high-profile acts on the road this summer, Eminem and Coldplay, as well as the usual lineup of established stars and newcomers. Eminem will be in town on July 7 and Coldplay on Aug. 12.

VWMC held its first show in 1989, when the venue was called Deer Creek. The telecommunications firm Verizon purchased naming rights to the venue in 2001.

03 May 2005 by News Team
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The Game being sued for $280 million dollars

"Hate it or Love it" is The Game's & 50 Cent's newest hit, and the video version is featured on The Game's debut CD, "The Documentary." But an extended version on 50's CD, "The Massacre," is apparently too much for one Maryland man to take. Kwasi Jones claims The Game and a crew of more than 20 assaulted him and a radio DJ after an interview back in January at a station near Washington D.C. He claims The Game then rapped about it in a song.

Kwasi claims The Game bragged about the beating, but then begged for mercy during the video's premiere on BET, saying, "This is my public apology. To all the people at Radio 1, I'm being sincere; we're sorry about what happened in D.C. It'll never happen again." Kwasi claims the rage erupted after The Game's manager thought the DJ was making fun of his hi-tech earpiece by making a "Star Trek" Vulcan sign. Kwasi says they escaped into an office, but when he went back to get a cell phone, the beating resumed.

03 May 2005 by News Team

Album resurrects Will Smith

Will Smith - Lost and FoundIt seems Will Smith got a little angry during the production of Lost and Found. With stabs at Eminem and a song devoted to spouting off about the abuses of Christianity, Smith shows his audience a different style altogether.

By Chris McDougall, Maneater Staff Writer, April 15, 2005:

I like Will Smith, which is why it was scary for me to find out about his latest album, Lost and Found. Through rumors, I’d heard that Smith was sick of the abuse, and finally lashed back at Eminem in this album.

Then I saw the cover, with Smith leaning against a street sign wearing a big red lettermen’s jacket with big red shoes and an oversized, white Phillies hat cocked to the left. Things were not looking good for Will.

25 Apr 2005 by News Team

Eminem tickets already on sale

Eminem has announced details for what is destined to be Detroit's hottest summer show.

Tickets for the rapper's Aug. 12 hometown performance at Comerica Park are $69.50 and will go on sale at 10 a.m. April 23. There's an eight-ticket limit per purchase for the show, which includes hip-hoppers 50 Cent, D12, Lil Jon, G-Unit and Obie Trice.

24 Apr 2005 by News Team

Tormented kids can get their revenge against bullies

Rap music has been blamed for a number of social problems including, but not limited to: violence in the inner city, degradation ofwomen, lack of musicianship in pop music, declining television ratings for the NBA and white people awkwardly adopting catchphrases such as “crunky” and “fo’ shizzle.”

(While not a social problem per se, rap music also led to the creation of Snow’s 1993 hit single “Informer,” the single worst song ever to be played regularly at my monthly junior high school dances.)

But there is one social problem rap music actually might help solve: school bullies.

Just ask DeAngelo Bailey, a Michigan sanitation worker who used to beat up a scrawny kid named Marshall back in middle school. Little did he know that Marshall would grow up to become one of the biggest music stars in the world, Eminem.

If Bailey forgot about Marshall after graduation, Marshall made sure to tell the world that he hadn’t forgotten about Bailey.

“I was harassed daily by this fat kid named DeAngelo Bailey/An eighth-grader who acted obnoxious, cause his father boxes/So every day he’d shove me into the lockers,” Eminem recalls in the song “Brain Damage” from his 1999 debut CD, “The Slim Shady LP.”

“And he had me in the position to beat me into submission/He banged my head against the urinal until he broke my nose/Soaked my clothes in blood, grabbed me and choked my throat.”

Talk about living the ultimate dream of every kid suffering from constant toilet-dunking and gravity-checking at the hands of teenaged goons.Eminem, a scrawny kid no more, finally scored his own beatdown.

24 Apr 2005 by News Team

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