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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Jin calls it quits...

According to a statement made by Jin, the Freestyle Fridays champ and Ruff Ryder MC Jin announced yesterday that he's putting his career on hold.

I would like to say best of luck to Jin, his unique style and battle superiority will always be remembered and appreciated. We are sorry to hear him leave, but if that's what he really needs then so be it.

Before you start hating, just keep in mindwhat Jin's accomplished. While he might have made some bad career moves, you can't say he's a wack MC. You just can't...


Jin released a song explaining why he's quitting the rap game, but first read Jin's announcement:

'So I'm sort of sitting here pondering a few things.

First off, maybe I should explain the motivation behind the song itself. I wrote "I Quit" because its what the track told me to do. Yes, it sounds sort of odd, but once my ears heard that instrumental, I felt like it was saying to me.."this is the path you must follow.." and then I sort of just let the pen and my heart do the talking. Not my brain. It gives me the the utmost honor to see how some folks are so adamant about me not quiting..or "giving up". Trust me, I am not giving up. Quite a few of you have expressed sentiments such as "you cant give up, you havent even done this or that yet.." Maybe what needs to be focused on is what I have accomplished (which in my heart is a whole lot and I'm damn proud of that) with my time as opposed to what I haven't accomplished yet...Some folks even feel that maybe I'm feeling this way because I feel I've "failed" (record sales, or having to deal with "haters", etc.) That's the farthest from the truth. For what it's worth, I know that the 100,000 (give or take, since some of you went and bought like 5 copies lol) of ya'll that went out and bought T.R.I.H. did it solely because you were supporters of me and my music...and not because the radio or tv brainwashed you into thinking I'm the hottest shit out there, being that I was barely on either one.

Nonetheless, I've always said this and I'm sticking by it: I have the illest fans in the world and those of you that have ever met me or interacted with me know I am grateful for each and everyone of you. My goal since I started doing this was no more than to represent for hiphop and represent for my people. Which I will never stop doing, whether I'm in the game or not.

Before I lose my train of thought, I just wanted to clear up some of the misconceptions and rumors. "Jin" is done. No more studio for me. In all reality, it's not like it's a big deal. I'm sure MTV NEWS or BET.com aren't exactly gonna be flashing bulletin boards that say "JIN RETIRES!!!". Hahah. Matter of fact, if some folks were to hear the news they'd probably react like "who gives a shit?" or maybe even.. "Jin's retiring?..shit, he never even dropped an album!" lol and thats the damn truth. However, for those of you that are true JINatics and some that I even consider my friends, I thought I'd share my decision with ya. Be happy for me.

Hopefully, 10 years from now, when we have more than enough representatives within the entertainment industry in general, people will still trace back and be like.."damn remember 10 years ago, that chinese kid was on BET..the one that signed with the R... he had that Speak Chinese song!" hahah. That puts a smile on my face.

If you really wanna know what I'm looking forward to its this: www.yofam.net Support that!

*Just a thought* Them 2F2F checks weren't too bad and going to movie premiers was pretty fun. Maybe I should seriously devote myself to an acting career. The oppurtunities are definitely there.

"Jin" has left the building... but the emcee will always be here.

Just remember: I wasn't the first. And I certainly will not be the last.'

21 May 2005 by News Team