Bad Meets Evil

Bad Meets Evil

Bad Meets Evil consists of Eminem and fellow Detroit rapper Royce da 5’9”. They both grew up in Motown and were mutual friends of late rapper Proof. Royce’s then manager introduced him to Eminem at an Usher concert in 1997, and digging the chemistry the two eventually hooked up on tracks such as their duo debut single “Nuttin’ to Do”, “Scary Movies” and Eminem’s “Bad Meets Evil” on The Slim Shady LP, while Eminem also appeared on Royce’s debut single “Rock City”, singing the hook. In early 2000s, after Royce fell out with D12, Bad Meets Evil split up, although Eminem personally has never released a diss to Royce, and Royce never really dissed Eminem either. Luckily time heals wounds and they have since reunited, and on June 14, 2011 released their first EP Hell: The Sequel, which debuted at number 1 in the Billboard 200 charts.

“Royce and I started hanging out again and inevitably that led us back into the studio. At first we were just seeing where it went without any real goal in mind, but the songs started to come together crazy, so here we are.”


“I’m excited to see this project come to fruition considering the long lapse in time between when we worked before and now. We had a blast doing it and we just hope everyone enjoys it while we’re working on the ‘Monster’ that will be the Slaughterhouse album.”

—Royce da 5’9″

Check out their album Hell: The Sequel