Eminem – Hailie’s Song Lyrics

Album: The Eminem Show
Artist: Eminem
Title: Hailie’s Song
Track: Track 14

Writers: Luis Resto & Eminem
Produced by: Eminem
Release date: May 26, 2002

Eminem - Hailie's Song lyrics (The Eminem Show album)

Hailie’s Song Lyrics

About the “Hailie’s Song”:

After a tough battle with Hailie’s mother and Eminem’s ex wife, Kim, Eminem finally got custody of Hailie in 2002. He was happy and filled with joy, so decided to write a song that he would eventually give to Hailie once she would be old enough to hear the song. This song was originally not intended to be released, but Dr. Dre played it to some ladies who were very touched by it, he then convinced Eminem to put it on his album.

When I originally wrote the song, I wrote it for Hailie… I didn’t even plan to the release it. I just wanted to experiment with it and have it for when she got older and play for her, like, “I made a song for you.” And once it was finished, I started playing it for people, and people liked it.

-Eminem to Zane Lowe in a 2002 MTV interview

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