Eminem – Paul (Skit) [1999] Lyrics

Album: The Slim Shady LP
Artist: Eminem
Title: Paul
Track: Track 5

Vocals: Paul Rosenberg
Writers: Paul Rosenberg
Produced by:
Release date: February 23, 1999

Eminem - Paul (Skit) [1999] lyrics (The Slim Shady LP album)

About the song:

One of the earlier skits, humorously portraying Eminem’s interactions with Paul Rosenberg in regards to his music and controversial lyrics.

Paul (Skit) [1999] Lyrics

Em, what’s going on?
This is Paul Rosenberg, your faithful attorney at law
Listen, I listened to the rough copy of your album
And, uh, y’know, I’ve just got to be honest with you
Can you tone it down a little bit?
Because there’s only so much I can explain
Give me a call