Eminem – Paul (Skit) [2009] Lyrics

Album: Relapse
Artist: Eminem
Title: Paul (Skit) [2009]
Track: Track 11

Featuring: Paul Rosenberg
Writers: Paul Rosenberg & Eminem
Produced by: Dr. Dre
Release date: May 15, 2009

Eminem Relapse album

About the song:

The traditional phone call Eminem gets from Paul Rosenberg on every album. This one was featured on Relapse.

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Paul (Skit) [2009] Lyrics

[Skit: Paul Rosenberg]
Em? It’s Paul
Ah, I just listened to the entire album
You gotta be fucking kidding me
I mean with this Christopher Reeves shit?
You know the guy’s dead, right?
And then the whole gay stepfather incest rape thing?
I don’t have your back on this one
I can’t even fuckin’ handle it, I’m done