Eminem Vs. Nelly

This feud is relatively recent. Nelly started it when he appeared on MTV’s “Total Request Live”. He sent out a number of disses and seemingly violent comments towards Eminem, reiterating his dislike for the Detroit Playa. Nelly said that Eminem was talking about Nelly behind his back, or so he heard. He then proceeded to say that Shady better not go on tour in St. Louis, Nelly’s hometown, because the St. Lunatics would would make short work of them. He even goes on to say, that he “eats m&ms”. Eminem replied to Nelly’s disses by releasing a song called “Detroit Grammar”.  However, I have also been told via an e-mail that Nelly phoned to apologize to Eminem after saying he eats M&M’s, and this is the most likely reason for this beef stopping.

We are doing our best to keep the enemies & rivalries information up to date, but we can’t vouch for its 100% reliability.