Eminem Vs. Canibus

This is a strange beef to address because it’s more of a one-sided beef. Eminem has never dissed Canibus and he’s only mentioned his name in the odd freestyle or one-liner. Apparently, this was enough to prompt Canibus to record the song “U Didn’t Care,” a sequel to the classic Eminem track “Stan”. In the skit before the song, Canibus witnesses Stan driving off the bridge and he pulls over and helps him. In “U Didn’t Care”, Canibus takes the role of Stan and writes to Eminem. Stan is a recurring character throughout Canibus’ latest album “C True Hollywood Stories” and Eminem is even pictured in the album’s ad. At the moment, it is not known whether or not Eminem will respond to Canibus’ diss track towards him. The other mystery is what triggered Canibus’ obsession with Eminem. This is most likely a publicity stunt, similar to the beef Esham has with D-12.

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