Eminem Vs. Cage

This beef has been going on ever since 1998 when Eminem released the Slim Shady EP. Cage has gone on record saying that Eminem has copied his style and his lyrics. This has been denied by Eminem and in the Slim Shady LP, you can hear the disses Eminem lays down to Cage in “Role Model:” “Bought Cage’s tape opened it, and dubbed over it.”

In a song called “Drastic Measures” Eminem disses Cage as well. “I’m picking up Cage’s sister early…, went on stage and sprayed Cage with agent orange.” In the same freestyle Em also says “Wiped my ass with his page is The Source…”. Also, in a freestyle off Tony Touch’s Power Cypha 3 – 50 MC’s on CD 05, track 06, Eminem says: I write a rhyme a day, So it’s no wonder how come your whole album is soundin like a bunch of shit that I would say [Then Em screams “CAGE!!”].

Cage was not prepared to just take these insults, and began by dissing Eminem in this song called And So Kiddies… . Cage mentions “Tired rhyme styles from Detroit, Michigan” referring to Eminem’s heavy MTV rotation. He also insults Eminem’s alter ego Slim Shady, calling him Bitch Lady. He has released a freestyle called “Bitch Lady” too, which is almost impossible to get your hands on. When asked in an interview with HipHopSite.com how the rivalry began and where it currently stood, cage said “It started because he is a bitch ass nigga! Right now it stands with me kicking in his fucking face, real horror show, I ain’t lettin’ all the shit he said slide.” Cage also rips into Em on “Illest four letter word.” Here are the Eminem dissing lines: “I heard some blonde bitch walking through New York looking for Cage, I’ll stab you in the face, ten times in the same place.”

A parody of Dr. Dre’s “Still Dre” called “Still Cage” has been released by Cage. That can also be found on various file sharing networks.

We are doing our best to keep the enemies & rivalries information up to date, but we can’t vouch for its 100% reliability.