Eminem Vs. Benzino

This beef started when Eminem was reportedly angry that Benzino had given Eminem only 2 Mics in his magazine “The Source”, and Benzino gave his own group four and a half mics and also put himself on the front cover of his own magazine.  Benzino called Eminem a “culture stealer”.  Eminem retaliated to this by releasing a diss track on The Shady Records mixtape, called “Nail in the Coffin” on which he ripped Benzino apart with his lyrical attack.  Benzino replied by saying that he would kill Eminem’s daughter and since then Eminem hasn’t replied, although rumour has it that he, 50 Cent and Angie Martinez and bringing out another diss track. In an interview with Angie Martinez, Benzino accused Eminem of wanting to be a racist and also said that he was ruining the HipHop culture.

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