Eminem: The Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)

The Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition album cover front

The Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition), released on November 13, 2019, is an expanded version of Eminem’s second studio album The Slim Shady LP, which was released on February 23, 1999 and pretty much instantly made him the star he is today. The celebratory project was released to commemorate the original’s twenty year anniversary.

The expanded edition is nearly identical to the original version, with the addition of ten bonus tracks consisting mainly of instrumentals, a cappellas, radio edits, and harder to find fan favorites like “Get You Mad” and “Bad Guys Always Die”.

Eminem referred to the reissue as a “drop for the stans”, in a release date Twitter announcement (see below), while using the hashtag #StillDontGiveAFuck.

Label: Shady Records/Aftermath/Interscope
Release date: 13 November 2019
Discs: 1

Track listing – The Slim Shady LP: Expanded Edition

The expanded edition contain the original 20 tracks, and the following bonus tracks:

21.“Hazardous Youth” (Acapella Version)0:44
22.“Get You Mad” (with Sway and King Tech & DJ Revolution)4:22
23.“Greg” (Acapella Version)0:52
24.“Bad Guys Always Die” (with Dr. Dre)4:39
25.“Guilty Conscience” (radio version) (featuring Dr. Dre))3:19
26.“Guilty Conscience” (Instrumental) (featuring Dr. Dre)3:20
27.“Guilty Conscience” (Acapella Version) (featuring Dr. Dre)3:16
28.“My Name Is” (Instrumental)4:29
29.“Just Don’t Give a Fuck” (Acapella Version)3:35
30.“Just Don’t Give a Fuck” (Instrumental)4:08
Length of bonus tracks:32:44

On the clean version of the original album, “Bitch”, “Cum on Everybody”, “Just Don’t Give a Fuck”, and “Still Don’t Give a Fuck” are respectively retitled “Zoe”, “Come on Everybody”, “Just Don’t Give”, and “Still Don’t Give”. We can only assume it’s the same in this case.

Singles and music videos

None of the expanded bonus tracks were released as singles, however, this being an expanded edition of The Slim Shady LP, the singles from the original release are:

“Just Don’t Give a Fuck”
“My Name Is”
“Role Model”
“Guilty Conscience”

Album release announcement

Limited edition SSLP (Expanded) merch drop

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of his career-making album The Slim Shady LP, Eminem released a SSLP20 merch capsule featuring exclusive collectibles and an expanded edition of the album that made him famous.

In a tweet following the album release, Eminem teased the collection by posting a live animated video clip featuring Eminem and his longtime business partner and friend Paul Rosenberg as LEGO minifigures. The two figures re-enact the famous skit ‘Guilty Conscience’ from the album, that shows EM transform into a hockey mask wearing and chainsaw wielding character – Slim Shady.

“There’s only so much I can explain,” his tweet read. “#SSLP20 Drop 2 Coming 11/19 – Paul not included.”

Along with the LEGO minifigures, the collection also includes The Slim Shady LP Film Strip Shadow Box, that features originally unused and unreleased film strips from Danny Hastings’ original shoot for The Slim Shady LP album cover and includes a Certificate Of Authenticity autographed by Eminem himself.

The capsule also comes with The Slim Shady LP reissued and expanded on various formats including a CD, a limited-edition chrome cassette, and a brutally awesome 7-inch die cut vinyl in the shape of a middle finger featuring ‘Just Don’t Give A Fuck’ as Side A and ‘Still Don’t Give A Fuck’ as Side B. But the real highlight of this merch drop was the expanded The Slim Shady LP vinyl edition, boasting a lenticular front cover that contains three beautiful 180-gram color LPs and 24 pages of the original SSLP era photos and illustrations.

The Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition album SSLP20 vinyl

Being a limited edition, there were only limited quantities of each item available, with a pre-sale that went live through Eminem’s email list, followed by the general sale until all items were sold out. The order form links from the tweets are long dead, but you can still view the videos that came with the announcements.

Album Cover – Eminem: The Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)

The Slim Shady LP album cover features the same picture of Eminem, his daughter, and a dead body in a trunk with a full moon illuminating the scene, as is featured on the album cover for the original Slim Shady LP. The only difference is a thin purple frame around the picture and words “EXPANDED EDITION” at the bottom.

The album cover itself is a nod to “‘97 Bonnie and Clyde” song, in which Eminem takes his daughter with him to go dispose of the dead body of his wife Kim. 

Eminem The Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition album cover and CD art design

Album front cover

The Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition album cover front

Album back cover

Eminem The Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition album cover back

CD box art (under CD)

Eminem The Slim Shady LP Expanded edition CD box art design mummy

CD art

Vinyl (Limited Edition)

Album’s cover compared to the original

The Slim Shady LP (original)

Eminem The Slim Shady LP album cover front

The Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)

The Slim Shady LP Expanded Edition album cover front

Nevermind the slight color variation, in real life they should be of the same hue.

What do critics have to say about the Expanded Edition of The Slim Shady LP?

Seeing as this is only a reissue of the original album, critics haven’t been saying much. If you are interested in what they had to say about the original songs however, you can head over to the page dedicated to the original Slim Shady LP.