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Eminem The Funeral

Eminem "The Funeral"

Eminem The Funeral

Eminem 'The Funeral'- Rumor has it that Eminem's begun preliminary development on a new double disc album to be released late 2005. The double disc album entitled "The Funeral" will feature tracks from all of Eminem's personas including Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. The album will also include 4 new songs titled "The Funeral - featuring Bizarre", "The Funeral - featuring Dr. Dre", "The Funeral - featuring Obie Trice" and a brand new Dre produced track "Where I'm Standing (In the Game)". Eminem's The Funeral album will "put to rest" all three of Eminem's personas and supposedly clear the way for a new Eminem. "I feel I've reached the point of my career where I need a new 'fuel' to create tracks," Marshall Mathers is quoted as saying when asked about the new album. "So I'm putting all my old shit of the first half of my career on this album and getting ready for a fresh start on my next half." Why are three tracks named the same thing? "I'm not really on any of the tracks named The Funeral. Those tracks just signify the death of each persona." The album will be divided into 3 sections, each divided by one "The Funeral" track. Bizarre will rap about the Slim Shady persona, Dr. Dre will rap about the Marshall Mathers persona, and Obie Trice will rap about the Eminem persona. The last track of the album will be "Where I'm Standing" with a new "reborn" Eminem rapping over the beat. More news and updates on Eminem "The Funeral" to come.

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Eminem The Funeral - Review

Eminem The Funeral
I'm looking forward to hearing The Funeral and publishing a review, but 'till then - Encore will do just fine.

Comments about Eminem - The Funeral

Here's one interesting comment I've found while surfing the web, looking for Eminem The Funeral info. It's been posted by someone who's not a typical Eminem fan, judging from his words not even a fan, but what he said makes lots of sense. Interesting enough, it's pretty much the same thing I said about it myself, apart from the not being a fan part :)

koopkoop2 on Jan 09, 2005: "Why are peope saying The Funeral is just an easy way for him to make money. If anything, it's creating a massive challenge for himself.

By killing off each persona, he will have to come up with an entirely new "persona" (rap style). This new persona will have to live up to massive pre-release hype and expectations or be doomed to being labeled as "Just like the old Eminem".

While I've never bought any of his albums or liked any of his songs, I think this is a very courageous move. There's not very many artists who would risk completely re-inventing themselves and the ones that do it are usually motivated by desperation for greater fame. Eminem is already top of the food chain and I think he recognized the fact that his style was becoming too predictable. Congrats to him, if he pulls it off."

I have to say I agree, If he pulls it off - and I have no doubt he will, that will be another milestone in the history of hip-hop.

Eminem The Funeral track listing

Eminem The Funeral track listing is not known at the moment. We will publish it as soon as we hear about it.

Eminem Lyrics

Eminem The Funeral album cover

Eminem The Funeral cover has not been published yet!

Eminem The Funeral

Critics about Eminem - The Funeral

Will have to wait till late 2005 when it's rumored to be released. Lets hope this one rumor proves to be factual.