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Unsigned hype - TnT

TnT: Lyrics

TnT - Shyne

This is my tyme My lines My life My Struggle
My rymes My crimes Keep me in trouble//
Jus like Jay z Cant Knock the hustle
Fuck u If U think u know me//
I Aint T.i. Homie U at least gotta show me
Sum respect if u aint dun it yet then i suggest u get a vest//
Unless u really wanna Press The Rest of the midwest
Ahh Nah I Wont shoot u for the glory//
ill jus whip ur ass so bad ull fuckin pull the trigger 4 me
or we can orally face it in a battle
That'll Show u whose the illest killers While U Livin in Seattle//
in ur mommas basement Face it Ur Whole Style is wasted
in a 8bar verse i Flipt the script on ya shyt fliped back and then Erased//
U aint Got Nuttin but yet ur flossin more than denists
Ima Deminish ur crew utill im finished
then replentish And Do It Again
U and ur frend aint nuttin to me
Its TnT the Best Mc Ull Ever See
And Is My tyme To Shine homie So Dont mess wit me//


Unless u wanna Catch a case Then keep ur space
cause in this race u chase my pace
and cause my race u hate my face
but thats aight cause ima make
a million dollars off a cd
and cuz im white u prolly wont see me
see we livin a world full of these racist bastards
who beat there wives and have no lives and say that i aint mastered
every task in front of me nah i aint got a gun on me
i got my fist and wen i pissed i wont shoot andmiss
ill get sent to court get out and start a new list
of people to hit
the evil insists that u can talk smack wit out gettin wacked
matter of fact my fist to u face has semi autimatic immpact
Thats y im zani wack up on this track and makeur brain chain react
like maniacs im sane in fact i past my pysch evaluation
i was havin and identy crisis and mr hyde became impatient