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Eminem recordings

This section contains Eminem recordings in chronological order (earliest first). If Eminem has recorded it, it's here! UPDATE: This section needs to be updated.

Our Eminem recordings section is outdated and is set to be updated in near future.

Soul Intent - "fucking Backstabber" / "Biterphobia" - 1996

Eminem - "Infinite" LP - 1997 Web Entertainment - (No longer available)
- "Infinite"
- "W.E.G.O." (Interlude)
- "It's Ok"
- "313"
- "Tonite"
- "Maxine"
- "Open Mic"
- "Never 2 Far"
- "Searchin"
- "Backstabber"
- "Jealousy Woes II"

Eminem - "Slim Shady" EP - 1998 Web Entertainment - (No longer available)
- "Intro (Slim Shady)"
- "Low, Down, Dirty"
- "If I Had..."
- "Just Don't Give A *censored**"
- "Mommy"
- "Just the Two Of Us"
- "No One's Iller"
- "Murder, Murder"
- "If I Had" - (radio edit)
- "Just Don't Give A *censored*" - (radio edit)

Shabaam Sahdeeq - "5 Star Generals" (featuring Eminem, Kewst, Skam, A.L.)
- 12-inch single
- 1998 Rawkus Records

"Green and Gold" from The Anonymous's - "Green and Gold" EP
- 1998 Goodvibe Records

"Trife Thieves" from Bizarre's "Attack Of the Weirdos" EP
- 1998 Federation

"We Shine" from Da Ruckus's "Episode 1" EP
- 1998 Federation

"*censored* Off" from Kid Rock's "Devil Without A Cause" LP
- 1998 Atlantic Records

OldWorlDisorder - "ThreeSixtyFive" (featuring Eminem)
- 12-inch single
- 1998 Beyond Real Recordings

Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce) - "Nuttin' To Do" / "Scary Movies"
- 12-inch single
- 1998 Beyond Real Recordings

Eminem - "My Name Is..." (clean version) / (extra dirty version)
- 12-inch single
- 1999 Interscope

Eminem - "Slim Shady" LP - 1999 Aftermath / Interscope
- "Public Service Announcement" - (intro)
- "My Name Is..."
- "Guilty Conscience"
- "Brain Damage"
- "Paul"
- "If I Had"
- "97 Bonnie and Clyde"
- "*censored*"
- "Role Model"
- "Lounge"
- "My Fault"
- "Ken Kaniff"
- "Cum On Everybody"
- "Rock Bottom"
- "Just Don't Give A *censored*"
- "Soap"
- "As The World Turns"
- "I'm Shady"
- "Bad Meets Evil"
- "Still Don't Give A *censored*"
- "Album Snippet tape"

"Freestyle" - Tony Touch: "Power Cypher 3" - 2CD
- 1999 Touch Ent.

Sway & Tech - "The Anthem" (featuring Eminem, RZA, Kool G. Rap, Xzibit, Pharoah Monch, Tech 9ne, KRS-One, Jayo Felony)
- 12-inch single
- 1999 Interscope Records

"Hustlers and Hardcore" from Domingo's "Behind The Doors of the 13th Floor" LP
- 1999 Roadrunner

"Any Man" - from "Rawkus Presents Soundbombing 2" compilation
- 1999 Rawkus Records

"My Name Is" - Rock Star Remix
- MP3
- 1999 - Eminem.Com Exclusive

"Guilty Conscience" Video Mix - (clean w/ chorus) / (dirty w/chorus) - 12-inch promo
- 1999 Interscope

"Get You Mad" - Sway & Tech featuring Eminem
- from the LP "This or That"
- 1999 Interscope

"Busa Rhyme" - Missy Elliot featuring Eminem
- from the LP "Da Real World"
- 1999 East / West

"Watch Dees" - DJ Spinna featuring Thirston Howl III & Eminem
- from the EP "Heavy Beats Vol. One"
- 1999 Rawkus

"Bad Guys Always Die" - Dr. Dre and Eminem from the soundtrack "Wild Wild West"
- 1999 Interscope

"Three Verses"
- MP3

- 1999 Eminem.Com Exclusive

"Macosa" - Outsidaz featuring Eminem
- 1999 Ruffnation White Label 12"

"Bad Influence" - End Of Days Soundtrack
-1999 Interscope Records

"My Fault" (Pizza Mix) - Celebrity Deathmatch Soundtrack
- 1999 Interscope Records

"Pick It Up" (Live)
- MP3
- 1999 Eminem.Com Exclusive

"Forgot About Dre" - Dr. Dre featuring Eminem from Dr. Dre's "Chronic 2001" LP
-1999 Aftermath Ent.

"What's The Difference" - Dr. Dre featuring Eminem & Xzibit from Dr. Dre's "Chronic 2001" LP
- 1999 Aftermath Ent.

"If I Get Locked Up Tonight" - Funkmaster Flex & Big Kap featuring Eminem & Dr. Dre
- 1999 Def Jam

"Dead Wrong" - Notorious B.I.G. featuring Eminem from the LP "Born Again"
- 1999 Bad Boy

"Murder Murder" (New Remix) - Eminem from Next Friday Soundtrack
- 1999 Priority Records

"Stir Crazy" - Madd Rapper featuring Eminem from the LP "Tell Em Why U Madd"
- 2000 Columbia

"Just Rhymin' With Proof" - Eminem & Proof Freestyle in Paris
- 2000 Eminem.Com Exclusive

"Rap Superstar" -Cypress Hill featuring Eminem from the LP "Skull & Bones" -2000 (Not sure of record label)

Eminem - "Marshall Mathers LP Promo Tape" - 2000 Aftermath / Interscope - "Intro"
- "Fatbeats"
- "The Real Slim Shady"
- "Curtis"
- "Freestyle 1"
- "Men With Van"
- "Marshall Mathers"
- "Carry Out"
- "Freestyle 2"
- "Rex"
- "Criminal"
- "Mimi"

Eminem - "Marshall Mathers " LP - 2000 Aftermath / Interscope
- "Public Service Announcement 2000"
- "Kill You"
- "Stan"
- "Paul"
- "Who Knew"
- "Steve Berman"
- "The Way I Am"
- "The Real Slim Shady"
- "Remember Me?"
- "I'm Back"
- "Marshall Mathers"
- "Ken Kaniff"
- "Drug Ballad"
- "Amityville"
- "*censored* Please II"
- "Kim"
- "Under The Influence"
- "Criminal"

"The Kids"-From the Clean version of "The Marshall Mathers LP" -2000 Aftermath/Interscope Records

"Off The Wall"-Eminem and Redman from "The Nutty Professor 2" Soundtrack LP -2000 Uni/Def Jam

"Shit On You"-D12 featuring Eminem -12 Inch Single -2000 Interscope/Shady Records

"I Remember"-From the D12 single "Shit On You" -2000 Interscope/Shady Records

"The One"-Royce 5'9 featuring Eminem -2000 Game Records

"Words Are Weapons"-FunkMaster Flex featuring D12/Eminem from the LP "60 Minutes of Funk Vol. 4" -2000 Loud

"Quitter"-D12/Eminem -Currently Only Available Online

"Don't Approach Me" -Xzibit featuring Eminem from the LP "Restless"-2000 Loud Records

D12 - "Devilsnight" - 2001, Aftermath/Interscope/Shady Records
- "Another Public Service Announcement (skit)"

- "Shit Can Happen"

- "Pistol Pistol"

- "Bizarre (skit)"

- "Nasty Mind"

- "Ain't Nuttin' But Music"

- "American Psycho"

- "That's How (skit)"

- "That's How"

- "Purple Pills"

- "Fight Music"

- "Instigator"

- "Pimp Like Me (ft. Dina Rae)"

- "Blow My Buzz"

- "Obie Trice (skit)"

- "Devils Night"

- "Steve Berman (skit)"

- "Revelation"
- "Girls"

Bonus Disc

- "Shit On You"

- "Words Are Weapons"

- "These Drugs"

- "CD-Rom"

Eminem -"The Eminem Show" - 2002 - Aftermath/Shady Records

- "Curtains Up (skit)"

- "White America"

- "Business"

- "Cleanin' Out My Closet"

- "Square Dance"

- ''The Kiss (skit)"

- "Soldier"

- "Say Goodbye Hollywood"

- "Drips (ft. Obie Trice)"

- "Without Me"

- "Paul Rosenberg (skit)"

- "Sing For The Moment"

- "Superman (ft. Dina Rae)"

- "Hailie's Song"

- "Steve Berman (skit)"

- "When The Music Stops (ft. D-12)"

- "Say What You Say (ft. Dr. Dre)"

- "Til I Collapse (ft. Nate Dogg)"

- "My Dad's Gone Crazy (ft. Hailie Jade)"

- "Curtains Close (skit)"

The section below is comprised of most of the rare/unreleased/hard to find tracks by Eminem. Although the tracks are categorized, they are not in any particular order (release date, etc).

Unreleased/Rare Songs- "Get Back"-Tony Touch ft. D-12/Eminem-From the LP "The Piecemaker"-1999 TommyBoy Records

"Hellbound (H&H Remix)"-Eminem, J-Black, & Masta Ace-From the compilation "Game Over"-1999 (Label Unknown)

"Rush Ya Clique"-Outsidaz ft. Eminem-From the EP "Night Life"-1999 Rufflife Records

-Our House
Unreleased track from "The Marshall Mathers LP" featuring Limp Bizkit

-Go To Hell

-Tylonol Island

-Hard Act To Follow

-Drastic Measures

-Turn Me Loose
Unreleased track from Limp Bizkit's "Significant Other" LP featuring Eminem


-Hazardous Youth Acapella-From "The Slim Shady LP" Limited Edition Bonus Disc

-Greg Acapella-From "The Slim Shady LP" Limited Edition Bonus Disc

-Bring Our Boys-D12 featuring Eminem*

-Filthy-D12 featuring Eminem*

-Chance To Advance-D12 featuring Eminem*


-No Turntables-Eminem, Nas, Mos Def, Ghetalion

-It's Murda (Remix)

-Big Pimpin (Remix)

-Bling Bling (Remix)

-Forgot About Dre (Remix)

-*censored*in Crazy (Gangstarr Remix)

-Just Dont Give A *censored* (Forgot About Dre Backround Beat Mix)

-Just Dont Give A *censored* (Hail Mary Mix)

-Just Dont Give A *censored* (Pete Rock Mix)

-Just The Two Of Us (Will Smith Backround Beat Mix)

-My Name Is (Hard Knock Life Remix)


-Eminem, Dilated Peoples, Aristotle

-Eminem and Royce

-Eminem Coca Bz.-Wake Up Show

-Big Lincoln

-Broke Rubber

-Cage Diss

-Distorted Verse on DJ Spinna's Mixx

-Tony Touch Power 3 Verse

-Eminem and KRS-One

-Freestyle 1 from xl Show

-Freestyle 2 from xl Show

-Freestyle 3 from xl Show

-Keepin It Raw

-Armstrong Show with Interview

-Pop Pills

-Hand Me An Ape

-Ice Grill In You

-Rhymin Words

-Gun In Hand

-Born With Horns

-Retarded Kid Named Greg

Eminem audio content

- Eminem audio
- Eminem audio 2
- Eminem audio 3
- Eminem audio 4