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Minimum equipment needed for a quality recording

Like most underground artists, you are probably going to make your first recordings yourself on a terribly low budget. That's totally OK :) Here's a basic list of things that are required to make a decent recording.

What equipment you'll need:

* Computer
* Recording software
* Soundcard
* Microphones (I suggest spending a few more bucks on a decent one)
* Microphone stands
* Headphones (to prevent the microphone from picking up the beat and music)
* Studio monitors (optional, good PC speakers will do too I guess)
* Studio monitor Stands (optional)
* Mixer board (optional, but more practical than software one)
* Cables to connect all that :)

Other things you need to take care of before you are set up:

* Room acoustics...
* Find or create a good beat.

We will write more about each part of equipment in comming weeks.