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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Eminem: 'Crack A Bottle' video leaked!

Eminem Crack a Bottle video Clip mimics Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent's styles without actual cameos.

The video for Eminem's "Crack a Bottle," featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, hit the Web late Monday, and although none of the platinum rappers appear in the clip, the song has plenty of references to each star.

The video opens with a homeless woman seated on the ground next to a shopping cart filled with her possessions. The woman experiences a maniacal fit before reaching out for a paper bag that conceals a 40-ounce bottle of liquor. Once the bottle is free from the bag, it splits open to reveal an apartment building and the camera zooms in on room 313 - which also happens to be Detroit's area code.

Enter Slim Shady. Well, not exactly. But despite the rapper's absence, the scene is straight from the depths of Em's (at times) warped mind. A businessman, gagged and tied to a chair in a dilapidated room, is taunted by a mentally unstable version of himself. Images of an innocent-looking girl and, oddly, an elephant flash onscreen before the man escapes and Em's verse ends.

11 Jun 2009 by News Team

Paris Hilton: Cohen's first choice for the MTV prank?

Paris Hilton has confirmed she was the first target for Sacha Baron Cohen's bare bum at the MTV Movie Awards last month (May09), but she refused to be a part of a ceremony skit when she 'got wind' of what was planned.

11 Jun 2009 by News Team

Eminem Speaks about MTV Stunt and Robbery Rumors

Three days ago at the MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen caused a firestorm as "Bruno" when he landed ass first on Eminem. Many speculated for the days whether the stunt was staged or real, with everyone speaking except the man himself. Breaking his silence, Eminem spoke exclusively to Rap Radar about the entire "ordeal".

09 Jun 2009 by News Team

VIDEO: Bruno Lands on Eminem at MTV Awards

Eminem and Bruno on MTV Awards Bruno aka Sacha Baron Cohen presented an award at tonight's MTV Movie Awards and did a little something to piss of Eminem, an event that started with Bruno landing crotch-first in Eminem's face and Eminem walking out of the venue. Watch it for yourself.

Staged or real? We're not sure

01 Jun 2009 by News Team

Eminem to help with Detox

Eminem has once again said that it is because of him that Dr. Dre's album, Detox, got delayed. Apparently Dre was too busy helping him with Relapse to get his own album out, so Eminem is going to return the favor by helping out both Dre with Detox, as well as 50 Cent with his new album.

30 May 2009 by News Team
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SITE UPDATE: Eminem Relapse lyrics

We have just added a Relapse lyrics section to our website. Some of the lyrics have been submitted by our members, so should you find any major mistakes, please let us know by email (admin eminem .net).


29 May 2009 by News Team
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Eminem breaks 2009 sales records with Relapse

'Relapse' debuts at top of US chart

Eminem's new album, 'Relapse', has sold more copies in the US during its first week in stores than any album so far this year.

'Relapse' sold 608,000 copies during the past week, according to Nielsen SoundScan data. This is the rap star's fifth album to debut at the top of the US Billboard chart, and his first release since 2004's 'Encore'.

Eminem's album knocked Green Day's '21st Century Breakdown' to the Number Two position on the chart. The California band's new album sold 166,000 copies in the past week.

Source: NME

29 May 2009 by News Team
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Eminem on BET & MTV Awards

Eminem has announced that he will perform at this years BET Awards in California next month. The Detroit rapper will join other performers including Kanye West and Beyonce. This year's awards show (hosted by Jamie Foxx), will mark the second time that Eminem appeared at the BET Awards.

In related news, Eminem will also be performing at this years MTV Movie Awards. The show, on May 31st live at 9 P.M. on MTV, will be hosted by comedian Andy Samberg, who joins past comedic Movie Awards hosts as Ben Stiller, Mike Myers, Sarah Silverman and Eddie Murphy. For the event, MTV has been releasing many promotional videos including a new one that features Eminem himself.

26 May 2009 by News Team
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Eminem Interview with Anthony Bozza

The Guardian wrote: It has been five years since the world last heard from Eminem, but the most incendiary rapper of all time is returning to the fray with perhaps his most stunning album yet. In his only major interview to mark the release of Relapse, he talks to Anthony Bozza about fame and his fondness for serial killers, the addictions that nearly finished his career and why he's in a better place now than ever before

It has been five years since Eminem last emerged from his Detroit compound with a new studio album, Encore. By then, the rapper born Marshall Mathers III had established himself as the most significant US artist of his generation - driving and reflecting fierce debate in George Bush's America on racial and sexual politics, violence, dysfunctional families and the pitfalls of celebrity. He survived a traumatic childhood in the racially divided lower-class suburbs of Detroit to win nine Grammy awards and an Oscar (for best song, from the film 8 Mile, the loosely autobiographical tale in which he starred); but even as critics and commentators belatedly sought to embrace him, the United States Secret Service found itself considering an investigation into the suggestion - on the 2003 track We As Americans - that he had threatened the president's life.

No one could be insensate to Eminem, or Slim Shady, those aliases born of a hip-hop tradition to which he had always been true. Shady righted the wrongs the rapper had suffered in life and ridiculed the insincerity and injustice he saw all around him. But somewhere along the way it seems as if holding a mirror up to his culture caused the real Marshall Mathers to lose his way. The stuff of his life - from his acrimonious relationships with his mother Debbie and his now twice divorced ex-wife Kimberley Anne Scott (mother to his daughter Hailie ) - fuelled lyrics that were often painfully detailed and explicit. But following a greatest hits collection - with the ominous title Curtain Call - in December 2005, Eminem disappeared from the limelight.

In the years since there have been endless rumours: Eminem was struggling with drug addiction and weight gain; Eminem had put down the microphone for good; Eminem intended to focus on acting; Eminem was too paranoid to leave his home. The truth is mixed.

26 May 2009 by News Team

Eminem: Inside the comeback

Will his revealing new album, 'Relapse,' put him on top again?

Eminem is running late: 1,200 fans are packed in front of an outdoor L.A. stage for the taping of the rapper's May 15 "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance, waiting for a set that should have started 45 minutes ago. It's Eminem's first major U.S. music performance after a mysterious 4-year absence from public view - or at least it's supposed to be. But hey, what's a few more minutes when fans have been waiting for this comeback for so long, wondering where the world's most famous rapper had disappeared to?

At last, Eminem bounds onto the stage, joined by his touring DJ, the Alchemist, and rapper (and longtime pal) Denaun Porter. The crowd chants along as he tears through a few tunes from his long-promised album, "Relapse" (which will hit stores four days later, on May 19). When Eminem finishes, they plead in vain for "one more song!"

They're not the only ones hungry for more. In the weeks leading up to its release, "Relapse" has been hailed by critics and fans - many of whom heard it when it leaked earlier this month - as a landmark in the 36-year-old rapper's career, a stunning return to form from the man who is arguably contemporary rap's most talented lyricist. Even the competition is impressed. "I think that the 'Insane' song is genius," Kanye West tells EW, referring to one of "Relapse's" most outrageous tracks.

26 May 2009 by News Team

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