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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Christian Lindberg: How Eminem taught me that hip-hop is art

Christian Lindberg: My initial reaction to Eminem was coloured by the things that were written about him, particularly in the American press � that he was a racist, a Nazi, that he was homophobic.

I have always been a little attracted to hip-hop, but I found it difficult to get past the attitude, and to understand the language. I remember when the Beatles started out � as a six-year-old, I was completely won over, but my parents couldn�t understand it at all. My generation finds it difficult to relate to hip-hop; it is a movement that belongs primarily to our children.

But Eminem�s single Cleaning Out My Closet finally made me understand. I was travelling a lot at the time, and it was always on MTV. The 15th time I heard it I began to listen �under� the music and I started to realise just how fantastic the lyrics were. The song relates closely to the video, which sees Eminem travelling back in time to relive his awful childhood experiences. As in many of his songs, there is a strong and well-constructed narrative; he really is a very clever writer.

28 Mar 2004 by News Team

Dr Dre Abandonds Detox!?

Dr. Dre has decided to abandon work on his highly anticipated final LP, according to the cover feature article in the upcoming XXL magazine.

Dr. Dre and the newest members of the Shady/Aftermath family including Busta Rhymes and The Game share the cover of XXL's May issue. According to SOHH.com sources who've reviewed the issue in advance, Dre announces that he is no longer planning to release his long awaited final LP, Detox. Apparently, the good doctor has given up the project that was heralded as "the most musically advanced Hip-Hop album ever" by fellow co-producers including Scott Storch.

26 Mar 2004 by News Team

Eminem's Ex Returns To Jail

The ex-wife of Eminem is once again behind bars.
Kim Mathers Reportedly Violates Rules At Rehab Center

Kim Mathers back to jail Kimberly Mathers was ordered to a drug rehabilitation program Feb. 12 as part of her probation in a drug-possession case. She was kicked out of the rehabilitation program Tuesday for violating the rules, Local 4 reported.

26 Mar 2004 by News Team

Vote For "My Band"

Let's get D12 to #1! Vote for the "My Band" video on MTV's TRL every day as much as possible.

Click here, then select "D12 "My Band" (Shady/Interscope Records)". Fill out the information below and click "submit"

25 Mar 2004 by News Team
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Miss 'Making The Video'?

Catch the repeats at the following times...

Monday, Mar 22 @ 8:00 AM / Monday, Mar 22 @ 11:00 PM / Thursday, Mar 25 @ 2:00 PM

Miss Making The Video?? We've got you covered; TRL Premier on Thursday, March 18th 106 & Park Premier on Thursday, March 18th Online Premier on Launch.com after Making The Video!

25 Mar 2004 by News Team
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Tracklist for "D12 World" album

This Is the new tracklist for the new D12 album "D12 World"!

01. One Last PSA
02. 10-9-8
03. Let�s Get It Crackin
04. Rondell (skit)
05. Pour Your 40 Out
06. Loyalty
07. My Band
08. Group Therapy (skit)
09. American Psycho 2 (feat. Cypress Hill)
10. Brain
11. Detroit baby
12. Halloween
13. Stat Quo (skit)
14. Get My Gun
15. D12 World
16. Good Die Young (feat. Obie Trice)
17. Shady (feat. 50cent, Obie Trice, Stat Quo)

Bonus Tracks:
18. 6 In The am
19. Keep Talkin

Note: This list is not official and can be changed.

25 Mar 2004 by News Team
! |

Lloyd Banks "Hunger For More" track listing

Here is a track list for the new Lloyd Banks Album: Hunger For More.

1. Intro
2. Start of An Era
3. Time's Up ft Eminem
4. Hungry
5. Pressure
6. Banger
7. Showtime ft Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent
8. Warrior
9. Trouble
10. Southside ft 50 Cent, Tony Yayo
11. On Fire
12. Ride For You ft Alicia Keys
13. Tha Anthem
14. Lay Low ft Game, Young Buck
15. Money In The Bank
16. Unspoken Wordz
17. Liars ft 50 Cent

Bonus Tracks
18. Smile ft 50 Cent
19. You ft 50 Cent

25 Mar 2004 by News Team
! |

Eminem Shuns D12, Buddha-Shaped Bizarre Hangs Like 50

D12 - My band - Bizarre Eminem has never shied away from addressing serious topics in his rhymes. But when it comes to hooking up with his old rap group from Detroit, D12, Eminem seems determined to keep it silly.

In the group's new single and video, "My Band," Eminem and company satirize the very obvious fact that despite their best intentions, Em clearly is the most high-profile member of the group.

In the clip, Eminem is the egocentric lead singer of a rock band who affords himself all the perks of celebrity while shutting out his backing bandmates. The idea is a spin on three real-life experiences that happen to the crew again and again, Eminem says: when D12 get called a "band" and not a "rap group," when Eminem is singled out from the other members, and when people mix up the names, faces and voices of the group's other members. Instead of continuing to get angry about the situation, they decided to poke fun at it.

25 Mar 2004 by News Team

Lloyd Banks news

Lloyd Banks is showing no sign of relinquishing his title. Besides the assortment of G-Unit posse cuts banging hard in the streets right now, Banks is making a serious impact on the Alchemist-produced single "Bangers," and Lloyd just debuted another cut, "Warrior," on Funkmaster Flex's New York radio show. All that hard work hasn't been for nothing. Last week he finally got some playtime as part of the MTV Spring Break festivities in Cancun, Mexico.

"Lloyd Banks does spring break the big way," he said . "I try to meet as many females as possible. Nah, I'm just playing. But I'm not playing. I'm really not. I'm 21 years old and I'm in Cancun. It's crazy. Beautiful ladies are around me right now. I'm in the clubs - you gotta hit the clubs."

19 Mar 2004 by News Team
! |

Gay and Lesbian Anti-Defamation Group Praised 50 Cent

50 Cent It's no surprise that the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation would express concern over controversial comments made by 50 Cent against homosexuals. What's surprising is that the organization is praising the rapper for his honesty.

"As a public figure, 50 Cent must realize that his words can have a huge impact," GLAAD spokesperson C. Riley Snorton said in a statement. "We applaud his honesty in talking about the murder of his bisexual mother and appreciate his acknowledgement that he is not comfortable with gay people. We know that confronting homophobia can indeed be uncomfortable. But honesty is always the first step in overcoming the desire to judge those who are different than us and in overcoming prejudice."

19 Mar 2004 by News Team

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