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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


DJ Kay Slay's The Pain From the Game

DJ Kay Slay's The Pain From the Game is officially being sold in stores, it still has the diverse mixtape flavor Slay always brings. Eminem, G-Unit, the Diplomats, Twista, Lil' Flip, Obie Trice, Memphis Bleek and Jaheim are just some of the names who contributed to the album.

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
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XXL cover and quotes

XXL CoverDr. Dre about Detox: "I've decided within the last two weeks or so that I wasn't gonna do another album - so I totally cancelled out the idea of me doing the Detox album.

Dr. Dre about Rakim:
It's pretty much a person's work ethic, you know what I'm saying? If you take one step towards me I'ma take two towards you. Nobody's gonna get in that studio and work harder than me - at least that's my attitude. If you come in there and you're tryna do that you're gonna get an album done. If I feel like you're not giving 100 percent, I'ma back off of it and it's as simple as that. And that's not to take anything away from Rakim, because I'm still gonna work with Rakim - wherever he goes with his record."

XXL CoverThe Game about Joe Budden:
"Joe Budden is a real coward but I already knew he wasn't that type of a guy; he ain't hard body or nothing but he took a shot at G-Unit on a DJ Clue mixtape. Joe Budden is a fruitcake. They know it and I know it - the world know it."

Eminem about the D12 Album:
"With this album, we wanted to mix it up and just get heat from everywhere. Bizarre, Proof, everybody just started getting beat CDs from anybody. Like, Bizarre stays in Atlanta now, so he gets beat CDs from talent there and brings it back to us. Every record sounds different on this album. That, to me, is gonna show the growth of D12. Plus, when we do D12 albums, man, we just feel like it's a friendly competition thing to see who gets on the track and just rips."

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
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50 Cent @ festivals

This year's Reading and Leeds festivals will be headlined by the White Stripes, the Darkness and Green Day. The tandem events, which take place August 27 to 29 in Reading and West Yorkshire, England, will also feature 50 Cent, the Offspring, the Hives, the Streets, Franz Ferdinand, Lostprophets, Morrissey, Ash, the Libertines and others.

Source: Aftermathmusic

01 Apr 2004 by News Team
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Detroit Music Awards

Grammy winners The White Stripes, Eminem, new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bob Seger, Kid Rock and Aretha Franklin are among the nominees for the annual Detroit Music Awards, which will take place Friday, April 23 at The State Theater in downtown Detroit.

The White Stripes' Elephant, Kid Rock's Kid Rock, Aretha Franklin's So Damn Happy, Alice Cooper's Eyes of Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop's Skull Ring and Obie Trice's Cheers comprise the Outstanding National Major Label Album category.

01 Apr 2004 by News Team
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DJ Exclusive mixtape hosted by Proof / D12 vs. Benzino Diss Track

Only weeks after Ray Benzino's latest attack on wax, D12's Proof and Swifty Mcvey have retaliated on DJ Exclusive's latest mixtape.

DJ Exclusive Presents Luthaism hosted by Proof features a track on which the emcee accompanied by Swifty responds to Benzino's latest stabs at the Shady camp, 50 Cent, The Roots, Outkast and Da Band.

DJ Exclusive Mixtape"We're in the studio... they already had the stuff they wanted to say. He keeps throwing shots at Em, now he's racist, come on. They were doing the song and they wanted to put it on the mixtape," Exclusive told SOHH regarding the recording of the track. "Benzino is just trying to do anything to stop Shady and it's not going to happen."

Watch Proof's Video Drop to DJ Exclusive: LOW

01 Apr 2004 by News Team

Beef between The Game & Budden not squashed

The Game�s statement about the situation between him and Budden:

My beef witt Hoe Buddens is not squashed. so fuck what you read on other websites or heard in the streets, fuck Joe Buddens for the rest of his life & thats straight out the horses mouth !!! For you Go-Go Buddens dick ryders, go to Buddens website & see if he'll take the time to holla atchu in his own forum. He wont because he's a faggot fraudulent rapper witt female tendencies. I flew all the way to New York the day after he dropped his diss record because on his joint he told me to come to New Jersey or he'd meet me at Roscoes so i went to the N.Y. and took over Hot 97 for two days smashin' that nigga then i ran up on him at the Desert Storm offices and he bitched up like a 8 year old little gyrl in the middle of a gang shootout so me imposing harm on this nigga would've been like beating on a dead dog !!! he never wanted no drama from the jump, he never expected me to fly to New York the next day & run up on em' now that's GANGSTA !!! Fuck Joe Buddens

Source: The Game / The Black Wallstreet

01 Apr 2004 by News Team
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The Game & G-UNIT @ Spring Break 04

MTV's Spring Break started March 19 check the Weekly Schedule for all air times. Check some of the pictures below.

01 -02 -03 -04 -05 -06 -07 -08 -09 -10

(Pictures: John Shearer)

01 Apr 2004 by News Team
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D12 World - Tracklist and covers

Here's the official tracklist from the upcoming D12 album "D12 World". It is scheduled for release on April 27th in the states and April 26 in the Europe.
01 Git Up
02 Loyalty (ft Obie Trice)
03 Just Like U
04 I'll Be Damned
05 Dude (skit)
06 My Band
07 U R The One
08 6 In The Morning
09 How Come
10 Leave Dat Boy Alone
11 Get My Gun
12 Bizarre (skit)
13 Bitch
14 Steve's Coffee House
15 D-12 World
16 40 oz.
17 Commercial Break
18 American Psycho 2 (ft B-Real)
19 Bugz 97
20 Good Die Young
21 Keep Talkin'
D12 World - Album cover 1
D12 World - Album cover 2
Click here and vote for the "My Band" video on MTV's TRL.

31 Mar 2004 by News Team
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Busta Rhymes DVD

Busta Rhymes And The Flipmode Squad: Everything Remains Raw Fortress DVD is goin to release the Busta Rhymes dvd "Busta Rhymes And The Flipmode Squad: Everything Remains Raw." Release: May 18th.

31 Mar 2004 by News Team
! |

More on DETOX delay

Dre just putting Detox on hold and he wanna work on his album, according to Aftermath sources. He just pushed the release date back. So you can expect "Detox" in the future. You also can expect the "old" Detox Beats on Games, 50's, Em's, Busta's and Eve's album.

Source: Aftermathmusic

31 Mar 2004 by News Team
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