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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Eminem moons millions of german viewers

As previously reported (remember the pic?), Eminem mooned a German television audience during a recent appearance. The rapper showed German viewers his backside while appearing on ProSieben, when he decided to drop his Calvin Kleins.

Eminem was with D-12 performing their latest single "My Band," when he decided to show his bare assets to millions of viewers.

Host Stefan Raad asked the rapper back to the stage to give the audience more, which Eminem did willingly, accompanies by curse words in German.


08 Apr 2004 by News Team

Eminem promotes his "Band"

D12 album coming on heels of hit single

Eminem - My SalsaEminem has put his new record on the back burner and has got together with his D12 buddies for the Detroit rap crew's second album, D12 World, out April 27th.

The first single, "My Band," has been getting heavy radio airplay since mid-March, and the video hit Number One on MTV's Total Request Live. "We were in the studio reading a magazine, and it was talking about 'Eminem and his band,'" says D12's Kuniva. "We were like, 'We're not a band! Why do they keep calling us a band?' We started joking around, arguing over who was gonna be the bass player or the drummer. The lead singer and the bass player get all the females, but the drummer never gets any. It was just one big joke."

08 Apr 2004 by News Team

For all the girls ;)

Eminem doing some serious D12 World promotion in Germany

Eminems ass

08 Apr 2004 by News Team
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D12 live on stage in Germany

D12 was live on stage in Germany to promote the album "D12 World" and the 1st single. Watch the performance and the talk with the german talkmaster Stefan Raab on his show TV Total. Check the pictures below:

Pic 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3 - Pic 4 - Pic 5

08 Apr 2004 by News Team
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Busta Rhymes DVD trailer

Watch the DVD Trailer for the upcoming DVD "Busta Rhymes And The Flipmode Squad: Everything Remains Raw." Release: May 18th.

05 Apr 2004 by News Team
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Busta Rhymes: Everything Remains Raw - DVD tracklist

Here's the tracklist for the Busta Rhymes DVD "Busta Rhymes And The Flipmode Squad: Everything Remains Raw." Release: May 18th.

Busta Rhymes DVDIntroduction (behind the scenes)
Live Show Introduction
Ante Up
Make it Clap
Never Leave You
Light Your Ass On Fire
I Know What You Want
C.L.A.M.P. (Behind the Scenes)
Woo Ha! Got You All In Check
Tear Da Roof Off
Rides (Behind the Scenes)
Gimme Some More
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See
Smoke Break (behind the scenes)
Get High Tonight
What It Is
Break Ya Neck
Never Scared
Get Low
Pass The Courvoisier Part II
After Show (behind the scenes)
End Credits

Bonus Features:
Flipmode Squad � Profile on the Flipmode Family
Flipmode Garage � Highlighting Busta�s car collection
The Flipmode Fortress � A tour of Busta�s Bus
Photo Gallery

There is also a hidden scene..

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
! |

XXL 58 cover story

XXL issue 58 cover"That Interscope umbrella is crazy as a muthafucka. You better get under it! Or get your ass rained on.��The Game, DJ Kay Slay�s Addicted To Beef Pt. 2. First he got the White boy. Then he added the bulletproof guy. Now the legendary Dr. Dre has inducted more all-stars into the Aftermath family. You sucker MCs better run for cover. Their arsenal is more awesome than yours - Aftermath is runnin this shit"

The Ambassador Hotel has been quiet for a minute; she�s been standing silent in the mad static that is Los Angeles since 1989. It�s the place where a man named Sirhan Sirhan squeezed a trigger back in 1968. Robert Kennedy was running for his own set of White House keys. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated two months earlier and Bobby was set to revive the dream that his big brother John Fitzgerald kicked off earlier in the decade. JFK�s dream would fade back in �63 as he rode, down in Texas, with his drop top dropped.

Hip-hop luminaries like Dr. Dre, Busta Rhymes, Eve and the highly anticipated Compton MC The Game�believe it or not�have been shot here too (for this here magazine). Dre knows of drive-bys, but he prefers drive-time radio.

Aftermath Records, his company, is his focus. Busta Rhymes has joined; Eve is back in the fold, The Game is set to blow. The new Aftermath is alive and well and Dre is President. Here�s what the commander in chief and his joint chiefs of staff have to say about their revolution.

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
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Busta Rhymes - Def Jam Vendetta 2

The mean streets of New York's hip-hop underground are once again the battlefield for a new video game, "Def Jam Vendetta 2." Lined up for "Def Jam Vendetta 2" are character representations of Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Ghostface, Joe Budden, Method Man and Lil' Kim. Old-school icons like Ice-T, Slick Rick and Flava Flav are included, too, as are lithe femme fatales Carmen Electra and Def Jam honcho Russell Simmons' wife and Baby Phat creator, Kimora Lee Simmons.

"Vendetta 2" is expected in stores this fall. An accompanying soundtrack is being planned, featuring new songs by several Def Jam artists. Source: MTV

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
! |

Busta Rhymes : Aftermath - It's official

"Yeah. Flipmode Aftermath. It's Official. Flipmode An Tha God Of This. God Help You When I Drop my Next Album".

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
! |

Obie Trice - European Tour DVD

Obie Trice and his crew are working on his new European Tour DVD.

03 Apr 2004 by News Team
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