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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Dr. Dre & Eric Sermon

Hip Hop legend Erick Sermon is set to drop his new album, "Chilltown, New York" this summer. The album features Dr. Dre.

12 May 2004 by News Team
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D12 World - Korea..

D12 World has not been approved for sale in Korea because of the abusive language and extreme expressions. A �cleaner version� of the album by Korea Media Rating Board filtering out the vulgar language found on the album was ruled �inappropriate for teenagers.� The cleaner version contains parts where some of the raps are cut out. Their first album, �Devil�s Night,� was on sale in Korea as a �cleaner version.�

Damn, ha? Imagine youd have to listen to such version..

08 May 2004 by News Team
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Beastie Boys accidentally diss Eminem, fear the consequences

Jason Richards, Chartattack: "We caught up with Beastie Boys last week in New York City. The night before, they appeared on MTV premiering a clip of their ridiculous new video for "Ch-Check It Out," the first single from their long-anticipated sixth album To The 5 Boroughs, set for release in mid-June. Later that night, Eminem and his band D12 also performed. Somewhere during the evening, Em stopped by the Beastie Boys� dressing room to show respect to the white rappers who paved the way for him. There was a mix-up, which, for the Beastie Boys, could turn out to be deadly."

08 May 2004 by News Team

D12 World rules the charts

As expected, Eminem's posse, D-12, seized No. 1 on this week's Billboard Top 200 Album chart. The group's second effort, "World," moved 544,523 copies, ending Usher's five-week run. His "Confessions" sold 242,009.

06 May 2004 by News Team

More on: MTV "You Hear It First" feat. The Game

"Just letting you guyz know it's only 5 minutes long, but it's worth it! They talk about where his from, the shit about Joe Budden and him, and his album. They showed clips of him and Busta in the studio, and Game recording some shit for his album."

"Oh, and we finally know why he's signed with G-Unit Records. Dr. Dre told him to sign with them 'cause G-Unit Records gots 50, Bank$, Yayo from the East and Buck from the South, so all they needed was the West and Game is the one to filling the spot. Tight shit." Source: Oxide

04 May 2004 by News Team
! |

MTV "You Hear It First" feat. The Game

MTV's "You Hear It First" Featuring THE GAME, 5/4 - 2:50am, 5:50am, 7:50am, 9:50am, 11:50am, 1:50pm & 3:50pm & MTV2, Today, 5/3 @ 10:30pm EST 5/4 - 6:30am EST, 7:30am EST, 6:30pm EST & 8:30pm EST

04 May 2004 by News Team
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D12 #1 in the UK

D12 took the No. 1 post on the U.K. album chart Sunday with its second album "D12 World." "D12 World" is predicted to sell more than 500,000 copies and end Usher's lengthy reign at the top.

04 May 2004 by News Team
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New Busta Rhymes album

Rumors going around, that the upcoming Busta Rhymes album is called "The Big Bang" and is scheduled to release in September. There's not an exact time, but they are working on the album.

04 May 2004 by News Team
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Some Eminem album info

Eminem has no exact release date in mind for his fourth album, but you can expect the album in the late Summer / Early Fall 2004. For recording, Eminem divides his time between Detroit and LA. He will work with friend and collaborator Dr Dre on the new album.

Other producers believed to be connected to Eminem's project include Scott Storch and Hi-Tek. Storch has hinted that Dre may be the radical influence behind Eminem's new direction. (Source: InsideEntertainment Magazine)

03 May 2004 by News Team
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Stat Quo album "Statlanta"

The upcoming Stat Quo album is gonna be called "Statlanta" which is scheduled for release, Winter 2004. Eminem and Dre are the producers for the album, but you can expect more.

03 May 2004 by News Team
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