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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Eve to re-launch her fetish line

Marc Ecko and Eve have partnered to re-launch her branded clothing line, Fetish. Under the aegis of Marc Ecko Enterprises, the new collection of women's sportswear, headwear, footwear and luggage will debut fall 2005.

20 May 2004 by News Team
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Judge lets Eminems suit against Apple

A federal judge says Eminem's copyright infringement claims over use of one of his songs in a commercial for Apple Computer can go forward. Apple featured a 10-year-old singing Eminem's Oscar-winning song Lose Yourself in an ad on MTV for the computer company's iPod music player and iTunes music service. On Monday, U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ruled that Eminem's publishing company's suit can proceed against several companies, including MTV parent company Viacom and advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day.

20 May 2004 by News Team

DR. Dre feat The Game and Jay-Z

There's a new Dr. Dre, The Game & Jay-Z track called "Get yo money right". Whoo Kid played this track on Hot 97. Source: WayneCoRecords.

Play Hi - Play Low

18 May 2004 by News Team
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50 Cent apparently didnt jump into the crowd to fight

According to MTVs source, the crowd was very enthusiastic when 50 took the stage, and that there was a lot of water being thrown back and forth but 'not in a negative way.' Just like a rock show. 50 jumped into the crowd, not to fight but to get the crowd hyped, then jumped back onstage and continued the song ("Wanksta"). 50 was just beginning his next song when a fight occurred in the crowd. The show was then shut down.

18 May 2004 by News Team

New DJ Green Lantern mixtape

New Green Lantern tape drops May 12, Green Lantern and Big Mike present JadaKiss, The Champ Is Here mixtape.

18 May 2004 by News Team
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Franz Ferdinand and Eminem�s bodyguard clash

A fight between members of Franz Ferdinand and Eminem�s bodyguard broke out before the band's performance on a German chart show.

MTV Germany reports that frontman Alex Kapranos and guitarist Nick McCarthy were involved in the incident, and security had to intervene to stop the scene escalating into a full scale fight.

14 May 2004 by News Team

50 Cent concert turned into chaos

AllHipHop reported, that a concert in Springfield, Massachusetts featuring 50 Cent Saturday morning spiraled out of control. After a performance at the Hippodrome, a large disturbance broke out, resulting in the arrest of two patrons. Reports said 50 Cent jumped from the stage and started fighting with two people after someone in the crowd threw water on him as he performed. 50's entourage of 15-20 people also hopped off the stage, shoving people in the crowd.

Two other patrons were sent to the hospital with head injuries from broken glass bottles. The fracas took police an hour to control and shortly afterwards, a shooting took place at Taylor and Dwight Streets that authorities say is related. Local reports said that the incident was being investigated and that charges could be filed against 50 Cent.

But according to DJ Whoo Kid, this report is only half true. More info later.

12 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Eminem beef with Cam'Ron

Rumors goin around, that Cam'Ron dissed Eminem in an interview with DJ Kay Slay. This interview is bullshit!, there's no beef!

12 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Game's last response to his haters

No matter what you think I am or not, I'm bout to bring the westcoast back and regain the respect we lost after 2pac's untimely demise & the Death Row dynasty fell. I'm from Cedar Block Piru & aint no doubt about that. Yeah I grew up in Santana, so what nigga, I'm from Cedar Block Piru !!! Anybody gotta problem with that let the mothafuckin' gunz smoke homie, and that goes for anybody. Me gangbangin' & gettin shot don't make me gangsta you fuckin' idiot bitch !!! survivin' 5 gun shots and makin' it out the hood & comin back to help my niggas & their families get out and get their shit on the right track is what's so gangsta about me nigga !!! I never tried to glorify gangbangin or gettin shot, that shit aint cool homie I almost lost my mothafuckin' life stupid & aint shit gangsta about that, so before you try to analyze my life & defame my character be easy cause before ah let another nigga put my life in danger ah kill you mothafucka !!! And that's on PIRU faggot, you don't believe me try it and ah make sure you getta wooden box for that lifeless corpse bitch !!!

I had a baby boy on June 30 of last year, & that gives me another reason to kill you if you put me in that situation again !!! Think about yo life before mine, that will keep you alive longer. You niggas remind me of that nigga in Ludacris' video, talkin' shit behind my back but soon as I see you niggas in the streets you want me to autograph sum'n. Fuck You, bottom line is after its all said & done I'm a millionare and you're lookin' for another website to hate on. so all I'm really tryna say is Fuck You!

Source: Aftermathmusic

12 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Young Buck - Video shoot

Yesterday afternoon brought a homecoming for a Nashville homeboy who has hit it big. Rapper Young Buck shot the first video for his major label debut album Straight Outta Cashville, with the help of a few famous friends.

South Nashville's tiny Claiborne Street � with its modest single-family homes � was the stage where nationally renowned, multi-platinum rapper 50 Cent and up-and-comer Lloyd Banks joined their associate Buck to film the video. Shot in a parking lot between a small church near the J.C. Napier Public Housing complex and a pastel green frame house, the video also has Buck rapping on top of a rental truck. The video features noted cameos from 50 Cent, Banks and noted hip-hop producer Daz.

The video shoot became a block party. But when 50 cent emerged on the set, clad in a garnet-and-gold baseball cap and white headband, the crowd went crazy. Young girls giggled into their cell phones. When Buck's bass-heavy single played over the loudspeaker, many of the kids bopped their heads along to the beat. (Source: Tennessean)

12 May 2004 by News Team
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