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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Eminem's absence from D12 tour leaves fans disappointed!

Eminem is concentrating on solo projects and perhaps this is the reason why he has chosen to pull out of his rap collective D12's American tour.
According to Rate the music, the Real Slim Shady hitmaker will not be joining Bizarre, Proof, Kon Artis, Swift And Kuniva on stage next month.

"Eminem desperately wanted to spend the month touring America with his close friends and colleagues but he has just too much stuff on," an insider was quoted as saying.

"Obviously he feels a duty to his fans to perform, especially as they have paid money to see him, but he feels it is just not appropriate," he added.

Meanwhile, infuriated Eminem devotees have posted notes on fan sites, complaining that they bought tickets just to see the rapper himself. (ANI)

27 May 2004 by News Team
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Eminem rallies hip-hop fans to vote

If you're confused about voter eligibility and registration, you are not alone.

On Saturday Eminem gave the keynote address at the Detroit Hip-Hop Summit, with hopes of encouraging young people of the hip-hop generation to register to vote. In doing so, Eminem told the media and audience of 4,000 that he'd had his right to vote taken away, presumably referencing a felony conviction in 2001 in which he was given two years' probation (see "Eminem Gets Two Years' Probation In Weapons Case").

However, the star should be eligible and need only to register.

In several states, convicted felons are denied the right to vote. But according to the longstanding election laws of Michigan, the state in which Eminem resides, a convicted felon has only a temporary suspension of the privilege to vote while they are incarcerated. Those under probation do not lose the privilege, according to a spokesperson for Michigan's Bureau of Elections.

27 May 2004 by News Team

D12 on tour without Eminem

The Dirty Dozen will be without Eminem, but a representative for the group left open the possibility that Eminem could surprise fans on select dates. A full itinerary is still coming together, but the group is set to kick things off June 19 in Milwaukee, wrapping up a month later in Atlanta. D12 will play a special Fourth of July show in Tempe, Arizona. Fellow Motor City hip-hop group Slum Village and Southern rapper Bone Crusher will join them as opening acts. Source: MTV

24 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Eminem's greatest TV moments

Eminem's Greatest TV Moments: Monday, May 31 at 11:00 AM EDT on MTV2.

24 May 2004 by News Team
! |

50 Cent @ Days Of Thunder

50 Cent - Nascar 50 Cent has been patiently waiting for a track to explode on, and now he's got one: England's Rockingham racetrack. The rapper and his management company are sponsoring driver Steve Hobday's racecar at the track's Days of Thunder event on June 6. He'll also be the headlining performer at the monthly showcase of 170+ mph racing and music, with G-Unit and Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood opening.

"50 Cent expressed he was a big fan of racing in the States," Days of Thunder spokesperson Jeff Carter said. "It's a good fit and good fun."

50's face and the logos of G-Unit and 50's management company, Violator, are emblazoned on the hood of Hobday's car, which will go up against the Darkness' car, driven by Shaun Richardson.

"This is fantastic news," Hobday said in a statement. "The whole team are really excited about running on 6th June with 50 Cent on the car. 50 is a big fan of NASCAR and this style of racing, and I'm sure we'll give him something to cheer about before he goes out on the Rockingham stage. Perhaps he'll even write a rap about us."

Days of Thunder takes place on the first Sunday of every month between May and October. (Source: MTV)

24 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Rolling Stone magazine: D12 cover story

Rolling Stone - D12 coverEminem steps from his suite in the posh Dorchester hotel in London wearing an oversize white parka with a huge fur-lined hood that seems to swallow him when he flips it over his head. This makes him all but invisible. As he moves briskly through the hallway with his confident strut, he's cocooned by four bodyguards, three record-company people and one manager. "We're walking," a bodyguard says to his walkie-talkie. If you'd been in the hallway as they flowed from room to elevator, you wouldn't have been able to get within six feet of him. But as he walks by, he looks up, and behind his thin glasses his blue eyes are rather sullen, as if he were some sort of prisoner being escorted.

They reach the elevator, and the group piles in. "We're in the elevator," the bodyguard says to the walkie. And the door closes. Everyone in the cocoon knows that outside the Dorchester there are at least twenty fans waiting for Eminem, mostly teenage and twentysomething girls. One who waits for him for hours has a silver backward e pendant and wears Nike wristbands over her hands, just the way he does. Also nearby are four girls in a Peugeot, waiting to chase, but they won't get far. Eminem's caravan consists of three silver Mercedes vans and one silver Mercedes sedan, which, when needed, blocks traffic to keep away chasers or prevents the vans from getting separated, like a guard dog aiding a pack of elephants. Click here to read the full article.

24 May 2004 by News Team

Eve speaks on her album

Eve has been talking about taking a break from acting and getting back in the studio. She's working with Dr Dre over the summer on her fourth album, and it's expected to be out by the end of the year. She's very happy to be working with Dre once again and she says we can expect a more mature album this time round:

"We're kind of on the same wavelength. We just wanted to be different. It should be more grown up, it should be a fourth album - it shouldn't sound like the other three. "Beats? I don't talk about beats with him because why would I? He's Dre! But we have the same ideas so it's going to be good. I'm excited already. I'm very excited." (BBC)

24 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Capital rapped for sex as a 'bargaining tool' poster ad

Eminem, underpants LONDON � Capital Radio's Scottish radio station Beat 106, has come under fire from the watchdog for a poster in which a woman appears to be using sex as a bargaining tool, dressed in unzipped jeans revealing pink underwear.

The poster shows the waist and hips of a woman wearing a pair of jeans, with the jeans unzipped to reveal pink underwear with the text "You're not getting any till I hear Black Eyed Peas, The Darkness and Eminem". The strapline says "Demand better music right now".

Source: Jules Grant, Brand Republic

20 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Moore film gets big ovation at Cannes

Michael Moore brought his own shock-and-awe campaign to Cannes on Monday, embarking on a daylong offensive as he presided over the world premiere of his new documentary, "Fahrenheit 9/11," which takes a critical look at President Bush, his family's ties to Saudi Arabia, his response to Sept. 11 and his decision to wage war on Iraq. At its competition screening at the French film festival, the movie occasioned an enthusiastic standing ovation � onlookers placed it at 15-20 minutes � punctuated by cries of bravo. The crowd included Mick Jagger, Daryl Hannah and a smattering of French stars and industry insiders. "It was the longest standing ovation I've seen in over 25 years," beamed Harvey Weinstein, whose Miramax Films funded the project over the objections of parent company Walt Disney Co. and who was an executive producer credit on the film. Source: twincities

20 May 2004 by News Team
! |

Eminem Hosts Detroit Hip-Hop Summit 2004

Russell Simmons, Dr. Benjamin Chavis and The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network announced today that Detroit native and multi-platinum hip-hop artist Eminem, will host the Detroit Hip-Hop Summit, Saturday, May 22nd from 12 noon to 4pm at the Fox Theater, located at 2211 Woodward Avenue in Detroit. Co-chairs of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network - Damon Dash, Sean "P Diddy" Combs and Kevin Liles - have all worked with Simmons and Chavis in helping to reach out to youth across America around HSAN's Youth Voter Registration and GOTV initiative, called Hip-Hop Team Vote, first launched one year ago at the Detroit Hip-Hop Summit '03. This coming weekend has been declared "Hip-Hop Weekend" in Detroit by Clear Channel Radio's FM98 WJLB and a capacity audience is expected in Detroit's historic Fox Theater.

20 May 2004 by News Team

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