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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


50 Cent album news

50 Cent has done a new track for his new album, which features Dr.Dre and Eminem. The track (Detox beat) is produced by the Doc himself. 50 also recorded a track with Jay-Z for his new album.

24 Jun 2004 by News Team
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The Game album news

The Game has several tracks for his album with all G-Unit on them. He got 7 beats from Dre, plus Kanye, Blaze and many more. According to The Game himself, "Ni**a witta attitude" is scheduled to release in September.

24 Jun 2004 by News Team
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50 Cent disses R. Kelly

14. Jun, 2004 - "Where else but Hot 97's Summer Jam?" For 11 years people have asked that question.

50 Cent on Summer Jam 2004 The New York radio station's annual stage parade of music A-listers has become legendary because of both its historic and infamous moments, and Saturday's show at Giants Stadium certainly upheld that tradition.

The biggest drama of the night came from the G-Unit. No big surprise there. But what had everyone so baffled was why 50 Cent was so moody, dissing R. Kelly and throwing the mic down in disgust before exiting the stage. 50 Cent started his crew's set by cuing up the famous Summer Jam screen. As anyone familiar with Summer Jam will tell you, if another artist puts you up on the screen, it's not to give you props.

Last year 50 Cent put Ja Rule on blast, and this year he had more in store for his longtime foe, introducing the "Grannie Awards," a pre-taped mock awards show. After announcing the nominees for Wackest Rapper � Ja, Joe Budden and Murder Inc.'s Black Child � 50 Cent said it was a three-way tie. Other Grannies went to Lil' Kim for having the most plastic surgery, The Source for being the worst hip-hop magazine, and Beyonc� for being the sexiest.

16 Jun 2004 by News Team

King Gordy on D12 tour

Detroit's King Gordy will take to the road this summer as the opening act on over 15 dates on the ‘D12 World’ tour. The melancholic rapper will open the show with a fierce performance of cuts from his critically acclaimed debut full length CD "The Entity". (ManHunt)

16 Jun 2004 by News Team
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Eminem & Game on the newx Outlawz mixtape

This all-exclusive mixtape produced by DJ Warrior of the Cali Untouchable DJs features never-before heard 'Pac tracks and remixes. 2Pac's clique, The Outlawz, who recently signed to Cash Money Records, give amazing performances on all new tracks. Featured guests share their thoughts about 2Pac and make special appearances, including artists like The Game, Talib Kweli, T.I., 8Ball, Biggie, Alicia Keys, Left Eye, Fatal Hussien and many more. Release Date: June 22nd, 2004.

16 Jun 2004 by News Team
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Young Buck news

Young Buck is in the process of launching his own label G-Unit South, so he said in a recent interview. Be on da look out for his upcoming album "Str8 outta Ca$hville", which is scheduled for release on July 27th.

16 Jun 2004 by News Team
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Rock The Bells with Busta Rhymes and WU

Check out ROCK THE BELLS Saturday, July 17 at the National Orange Show Pavilion in San Bernardino, CA. Line up: Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang, Talib Kweli and Mos Def.

16 Jun 2004 by News Team
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Lyrical judge praises Eminem in lyrics fight

omparing Eminem to Benny Goodman, Elvis Presley and Paul Simon, a federal judge ruled yesterday that the company that publishes a leading hip-hop magazine was in contempt of court for failing to comply with orders in a copyright battle with the rapper.

In two separate orders released yesterday, Judge Gerard E. Lynch of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York awarded some monetary damages to Eminem's record company, Shady Records, and dismissed counterclaims against Eminem himself, whose real name is Marshall B. Mathers III.

Judge Lynch ruled that the publisher of The Source, Source Enterprises, had violated his injunction by publishing on its Web site lyrics ascribed to Eminem. The lyrics, which disparage black women, are several years old, written before Eminem acquired his fame. The judge said their publication by The Source carried the potential to impair the credibility of Eminem, who is white. Eminem has acknowledged writing them but described them as a product of adolescent heartbreak.

16 Jun 2004 by News Team

More on: Tony Yayo's back

"Usually when a person's in a bad predicament, their people ain't gonna look out for them. But me? I had to tell 50 to stop sending me money." — Tony Yayo

Just two weeks out of jail and Tony Yayo has already spent his money like he's not going back. A stop at Jacob the Jeweler's? Check. There's enough ice on his neck to give the man a slouch. The ride? Yayo's already bought two, a Bentley and a Porsche Cayenne. Crew? His people roll three cars deep.

"It feels good to come home to a million dollars in the account, you know?" Yayo boasted to MTV News. "I really didn't do anything, you know? And I got a million dollars in my account so it feels beautiful."

Yayo has re-acclimated to his G-Unit life as well as one would have expected for someone who counts 50 Cent and Eminem as his biggest supporters. Yayo was released two weeks ago after being imprisoned for 18 months (see "G-Unit's Yayo Finally Out Of Prison"). Just one day after finishing a yearlong sentence for gun possession and bail jumping, Yayo was turned in to U.S. Marshals by his parole officer for having a fraudulent passport. The crime, to which he ultimately pleaded guilty, earned him another five and a half months in prison.

16 Jun 2004 by News Team
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MTV to cut the shot of Eminem exposing his ass

Eminems ass Eminem's moon has been eclipsed. MTV plans to cut a shot of the rapper exposing his rear end to the audience at the 2004 Movie Awards when the show is broadcast Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT, a network representative confirmed.

Eminem, who performed at the Saturday night taping with his group D12, appeared onstage dressed in a long red wig and jeans in a parody of Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose! He repeatedly groped and flashed a studded codpiece in front of the cameras and the thousands of people in the live audience. Toward the end of the performance, he pulled down his trousers and flashed his bare backside at the audience.

Representatives for MTV, which was slammed for producing Janet Jackson (news)'s Super Bowl halftime performance, immediately said Eminem's act would be sanitized for broadcast, possibly by blurring out his backside. Ultimately, the producers chose to edit out his rear altogether, the network said Monday. Eminem's representatives did not immediately return a call for comment. (AP Entertainment)

16 Jun 2004 by News Team
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