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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Update on Dr Dre, Detox, Eminem, G-Unit and more to happen in 2005

During the last few weeks, hip-hop's most acclaimed producer has been making headlines for being attacked at the Vibe Awards. But on a rare trip to New York soon before the melee, the only act of violence on Dre's mind was putting the entire music industry in a chokehold. He's decided to forge ahead with his on-again/off-again Detox LP and also has his platinum hands in several other projects.

"Definitely," Dre, seated between 50 Cent and Game, said inside Avatar Studios about whether Detox would come out. "I'm back into it right now. A lot of people have been coming at me and saying that they are disappointed that I'm not doing the record. So I decided to go out and put it out there. I am going to probably start doing it or January, something like that. Hopefully I will get a fall release."

07 Dec 2004 by News Team

Eminem re-edits 'Mosh' video to fit Bush re-election

The video for Eminem's anti-George Bush rap Mosh is getting extended life on MTV and other video outlets thanks to a re-edited version that downplays the time-specific aspect of the original's emphasis on getting young people to register to vote on Nov. 2.

07 Dec 2004 by News Team

Stevie Wonder "disappointed" at Eminem

So much for that "Ebony and Ivory" stuff. At least as far as Stevie Wonder and Eminem go.

Speaking to Billboard magazine, Wonder comes to the defense of old Motown roster mate Michael Jackson, saying he was "disappointed" Em mocked Jackson's child-molestation allegations in the rapper's video for "Just Lose It."

07 Dec 2004 by News Team

Young Buck implicated in Vibe Awards stabbing

Young Buck - Vibe Magazine Awards incident David Darnell Brown, better known as Young Buck of the rap group G-Unit, is wanted in connection with a Monday night(Nov. 15th, 2004) stabbing at the Vibe Music Awards ceremony in Santa Monica, CA, police said.

According to the Santa Monica Police Department, Brown was one of three people seen holding knives in the melee that ensued after a man--later identified as Los Angeles resident Jimmy James Johnson, 26--approached rapper Dr. Dre during the event and punched him several times. Dre, who was sitting near the stage, was attacked as composer Quincy Jones and rapper Snoop Dogg were preparing to present him with the Vibe Legend Award, which honors his lifelong contributions to hip-hop.

"Brown is seen with a knife in hand and attempting to reach Johnson," Lt. Frank Fabrega said in a press statement. "At one point, Brown is seen lunging over another male and swinging the knife at Johnson's upper body while Johnson is looking away from him. Brown is clearly depicted as holding the knife after the assault and is one of a number of fight participants who is pepper sprayed by officers attempting to stop the unlawful assaults."

Police and the venue's security team subdued Johnson soon after his alleged attack on Dre, but as they attempted to move him toward the stage, several people tried to jump him. Two uniformed Santa Monica Police Officers "became victims of assaults when unidentified males threw chairs at them," according to Fabrega.

06 Dec 2004 by News Team

Eminem tells critics and media to lighten up

In the XXL magazine on sale Dec. 7, Detroit rapper Eminem lets loose with post-election commentary (he voted for John Kerry) and offers a defense of his video mocking Michael Jackson, "Just Lose It."

05 Dec 2004 by News Team

Benzino And Eminem Move To End Rivalry

Eminem's conflict with Ray Benzino and The Source magazine may finally come to rest, as both emcees have expressed their desire to make peace after intense feuds and lyrical assaults.

Eminem contended that record labels profit when artists battle, as the disputes tend to generate more publicity.

"A lot of times when rappers have beefs, their sales go up so meanwhile the record labels and the heads of record labels benefit from this," Eminem recently told MTV. "They go home and they can sleep, they rest their heads knowing that they're selling records. Meanwhile, we're really out here."

Benzino responded to Em's bid to end their ongoing conflict, saying "It's all good. Time moves on, but if Eminem said that, I can only embrace that because he's a huge influence out there on the machine. My whole thing was really about the machine and if he's kind of speaking against the machine right now, then I'm all for a sit down and if it's going to be for the betterment of Hip-Hop and everybody, then I'm all for it."

05 Dec 2004 by News Team

7-year-old Michigan girl appears in second Eminem music video

Karli Filips couldn't be blamed if she starts feeling a bit like Eminem's special girl.

The second-grader at Costello Elementary School in Troy with blondish, curly hair has gotten to know the controversial rapper to the point where she is on a first-name basis with him.

She played Eminem's daughter in the music video for the hit song "Lose Yourself," and now, two years later, 7-year-old Karli plays the same role in his upcoming music video, "Like Toy Soldiers," from his recently released "Encore" album.

05 Dec 2004 by News Team

Eminem made UFO cult's honorary priest!

New York, Dec 1 : Eminem has earned the title of an honorary priest of the anti-violence UFO cult, The Raelian Movement, according to RateTheMusic.

Eminem's latest track Mosh, which denounces war in Iraq and American President George Bush, has found favour from the group's founder Rael.

"This is wonderful. It will help reach millions of young people, who are otherwise uninterested by politics because they see the lies and hypocrisy coming from Washington, remember the truth about violence.

05 Dec 2004 by News Team

Make this year�s Shady Xmas List!

EMINEM is to scribble illegal file-sharers off his Christmas list this year.

In an effort to clamp down on people downloading his album for free, the rapper is launching the Very Shady Xmas Contest, in which fans who buy his new release �Encore� will have the chance to make this year�s Shady Xmas List.

Those on the list will be eligible to receive one of 400 presents in Shady wrapping paper, including platinum plaques, Sirius satellite radio equipment and subscriptions, exclusive �Encore� shoes, video memorabilia, Shady Ltd. Merchandise and gift certificates, and the chance to work on Eminem�s next music video.

05 Dec 2004 by News Team

News Are Back!

Our sincere appologies for the lack of news updates for quite some time. We have been experiencing certain problems that were preventing us from regularly updating. Its taken care of now, so look forward for fresh Eminem & hiphop related news!

05 Dec 2004 by News Team
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