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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Man accused of attacking Dr. Dre plaeads not guilty

The man who allegedly punched Dre in the face at the Vibe Awards, sparking a melee at the 15 November (04) ceremony, has pleaded not guilty to assault. Johnson, whom authorities believe attacked the rap veteran after he refused to sign an autograph, remains in custody after the Monday arraignment, on a parole violation connected to a previous charge of armed robbery. He is due back in court 26 January (05), when a date for a preliminary hearing will be set.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

Eminem regrets not releasing his anti Bush track "Mosh" earlier

Eminem fears he may have cost US presidential wannabe John Kerry vital votes last November because he didn't get his emotive single Mosh out sooner. The rapper released the anti-George W Bush single and accompanying video just before the election, but he fears he could have swung the vote against the President if the track was released two weeks earlier.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

Snoop & Dr. Dre reunion?

The greatest rap duo of all time (according to Westcoast2k) began when Dr. Dre made Snoop a star on 1992's smash The Chronic and produced Snoop's debut, Doggystyle. But they haven't worked together in years - through no fault of Snoop's. "I don't know why," Snoop told Blender. "You have to talk to Dre. I'd love to be back in the studio with him. We Don't hate each other, we love each other.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

The Game "The Documentary": news update

"The Documentary" boasts the chart-climbing single "How We Do," featuring 50 Cent. The track currently stands at No. 11 on The Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Adding to the buzz is the Game's pre-Aftermath album, "Untold Story," on Get Low, which sits at No. 23 on Top Independent Albums.

"The Documentary" will log somewhere between 200,000-300,000 units nationally its first week, predicted Saeed Crumpler, the urban buyer for Rasputin's music store in California's Bay Area.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

Encore still #1 & New single to be released on Jan 31

Eminem's 'Encore' leads the Billboard Top 200 into 2005 this week, holding the top spot for the second week.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

Eminem's case against The Source to go to trial

Eminem will finally get his day in court as Manhattan federal Judge Gerard Lynch ruled on Monday (January 3), that his copyright-infringement lawsuit against the Source magazine can go to trial. Eminem is suing the publication for releasing excerpts of two songs, "Oh Foolish Pride," and "So Many Styles," without his permission. The songs featured racially offensive lyrics and the publication released the music in attempt to show that Eminem was racist.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

EMINEM's ENCORE: Best selling hiphop LP 2004

With a staggering 3.3 mio. units sold in only 7 weeks, Eminem's album "Encore" stands as the highest selling Rap album of 2004. (Soundscan)

Still #1: Eminem extended his curtain call to a second straight week Wednesday as his latest album, "Encore," topped the Billboard 200 charts. Em's Shady/Aftermath/Interscope set sold almost 198,000 copies in the week ended Jan. 2, enough to increased its time at No. 1 to four non-consecutive weeks. Its total stands at 3.5 million.

26 Jan 2005 by News Team

Man slain in studio linked to Eminem

Just a few weeks ago, Amjed A. Abdallah garnered national media attention for putting his Ferndale music studio up for sale on eBay, advertising it as a place where Eminem once recorded.

On Tuesday, he was found dead in that studio, lying in blood and shot twice. Well-known on the local music scene for his percussion work with the popular bar band the Howling Diablos, Abdallah was found at about 11:30 a.m. by a customer of the studio at 430 W. Eight Mile, said Ferndale Police Lt. Norm Raymond.

Based on the condition of the body, Raymond said Abdallah could have been dead for as long as two days, and might have been shot on Sunday. Abdallah, 36, -- known to friends as A.J. -- worked at the studio and lived above it in an apartment, Raymond said.

So far, police said, the most likely motive is robbery because recording equipment appears to be missing.

09 Jan 2005 by News Team

Eminem 'Funeral'

Rap artist Eminem (Shady/Aftermath) has begun preliminary development on a new double disc album to be released late 2005. The double disc album entitled "The Funeral" will feature tracks from all of Eminem's personas including Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers. The album will also include 4 new songs titled "The Funeral - featuring Bizarre", "The Funeral - featuring Dr. Dre", "The Funeral - featuring Obie Trice" and a brand new Dre produced track "Where I'm Standing (In the Game)". The album will "put to rest" all three of Eminem's personas and supposedly clear the way for a new Eminem. "I feel I've reached the point of my career where I need a new 'fuel' to create tracks," Marshall Mathers is quoted as saying when asked about the new album. "So I'm putting all my old shit of the first half of my career on this album and getting ready for a fresh start on my next half." Why are three tracks named the same thing? "I'm not really on any of the tracks named 'The Funeral'. Those tracks just signify the death of each persona." The album will be divided into 3 sections each divided by one "The Funeral" track. Bizarre will rap about the Slim Shady persona, Dr. Dre will rap about the Marshall Mathers persona, and Obie Trice will rap about the Eminem persona. The last track of the album will be "Where I'm Standing" with a new "reborn" Eminem rapping over the beat. More news and updates on "The Funeral" to come.

Source: Stimulate-Ltd

03 Jan 2005 by News Team
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Lets roll

After all the parties that took place in the last few days, we are now back and.. sick ;) Yeah, Ive got a sore throat, fever, a nice headache and a few more not so cool things. Fear not, we will update the news once I manage to beat the fever.

03 Jan 2005 by News Team
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