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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Game stopped at Mexican border...

The Game was recently denied entrance into Mexico where he was scheduled to perform two concerts.

Reports say that Chuck Taylor was prevented from crossing Mexico's borders after he refused to let customs agents search his luggage.

30 Mar 2005 by News Team

McDonalds making money off rap...

McDonald's has recently announced that they hope to boost Big Mac sales by paying rappers to reference the sandwich in their lyrics.

The fast food giant isn't providing advance money, but is willing to pay rappers between $1 to $5 each time a song featuring a Big Mac plug airs on the radio. Sources say McDonald's is hoping to have Mac references in several songs by this summer.

30 Mar 2005 by News Team

Vote for 50 Cent - Help us support him!

50 Cent is nominated for "artist of the month" on msn music. Currently he is
in 2nd place and we want him to win. Click HERE to vote for him.

Thank you, Eminem.net

30 Mar 2005 by News Team
! |

Dre's lawyer seeks dismissal of suit

Lawyers for Dr. Dre, Time Warner Inc. and Best Buy Co. have asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by former Detroit city employees who were videotaped backstage at a concert five years ago. The request came Monday at a hearing before U.S. District Judge Paul Gadola in Flint.

The employees filed suit over video footage taken backstage at a July 6, 2000, concert at Joe Louis Arena that was part of Dr. Dre's Up in Smoke Tour, which also featured Michigan rapper Eminem. The video showed the Detroit employees in a boisterous argument with some of Dr. Dre's representatives. It was used in a documentary about the concert released two years later.

27 Mar 2005 by News Team

Nas about a possible collabo with The Game

"That's definitely a project that I would be open to do. Whenever time permits, we're gonna put something together and shock the world. What he's rhyming about is relevant to both the East Coast and West Coast. And to use a name like "The Game" was very smart, as he is actually talking about what is happening in hip hop and putting it in perspective. You can see where Game draws envy from his own people." Click here to listen to a Nas interview with BBC.

27 Mar 2005 by News Team

G-Unit updates / Albums, tours and more

Tune into MTV's Spring Break all Weekend long for your 50 Cent fix. He will be Performing Live on TRL, Spring Break Candy Shop and Spring Break '05 All Star Performances.

Though Interscope says a summer tour featuring Eminem and 50 Cent is still just in the talking phase, the members of G-Unit are talking like it's a done deal.

The G-Unit are going to be releasing an abundance of material in the next few months. Olivia's Behind Closed Doors is due in May, followed by Tony Yayo's Thoughts of a Predicate Felon this summer.

27 Mar 2005 by News Team

50 Cent's massacre continues, The Game #3

Fitty and The Game both continue to have plenty, as the former's The Massacre hangs in for a second monster week at #1, dropping by an unusually slim 30% to 806k. 50 has sold 1,950,000 in just 11 days. Game, meanwhile, also sees only an 11% decline for The Documentary, moving #5-#3 on 87k sold.

27 Mar 2005 by News Team

Aftermath artists tops in singles

01. 50 Cent ft Olivia - Candy Shop
04. The Game ft 50 Cent - How we do
05. 50 Cent - Disco Inferno
08. Gwen Stefani ft Eve - Rich Girl
11. Eminem - Mockingbird
14. The Game ft 50 Cent - Hate it or love it

27 Mar 2005 by News Team
! |

Eve to play HIV-positive lesbian in Showtime

Eve will star in and executive-produce a Showtime movie about a real-life HIV-positive lesbian talk-show producer, reports Variety. Getting Unstuck, based on the memoir of the same name, tells the story of Conscious (née Merle Soden), a woman who battled an abusive childhood, drugs, homelessness, and HIV to become a producer of Queen Latifah's short-lived talk show.

27 Mar 2005 by News Team

No Super Bowl halftime performers verified yet

OK, Eminem fans, don't set your TiVos just yet. The folks helping to plan next year's Super Bowl festivities at Ford Field downplayed media reports Friday that the Detroit rapper and Motown legend Stevie Wonder are atop the list of planned halftime performers.

27 Mar 2005 by News Team

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