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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Eminem bringing his tour to UK!

The 'Anger Management Tour' hosted by Eminem is nearly happening out there in the States, but the rumor has it that tickets for 'Anger Management Tour' UK will be on sale within two weeks. The shows will be at Milton Keynes, Glasgow and more! Check back at Eminem.net for more.

23 May 2005 by News Team
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Three men from 50 Cents crew involved in shootout

May 21, 2005 -- Two men connected to rapper 50 Cent's G Unit crew were injured -- including one seriously -- after a shootout in front of a Queens, N.Y. nightclub late Thursday night, according the New York Daily News.

Jesse Brown, 21, was shot in the chest, left arm and buttocks, while Nicholas Sloane, 21, was hit once in the thigh. Both were in stable condition on Friday. The third man, 24-year-old Leroy Pressley drove the two injured men to Jamaica Hospital.

22 May 2005 by News Team

D-12 to appear in a video game...

D12 now joins the likes of Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Xzibit and countless other Hip-Hop artists, by lending their likeness for an upcoming video game, �Crime Life: Gang Wars.�

D12's Bizarre, Proof, Swifty, Kon Artis and Kuniva will inject their unique personalities into the game and bring the essence of Detroit as only the eccentric quintet can.

21 May 2005 by News Team

Jin "I Quit" lyrics

Click "read more" to read the lyrics.

21 May 2005 by News Team

Jin calls it quits...

According to a statement made by Jin, the Freestyle Fridays champ and Ruff Ryder MC Jin announced yesterday that he's putting his career on hold.

I would like to say best of luck to Jin, his unique style and battle superiority will always be remembered and appreciated. We are sorry to hear him leave, but if that's what he really needs then so be it.

Before you start hating, just keep in mindwhat Jin's accomplished. While he might have made some bad career moves, you can't say he's a wack MC. You just can't...

21 May 2005 by News Team

Jay-Z names most lyrical emcees...

Jiggaman recently listed today's top lyricists in an interview with DJ Envy. Upon being asked what artists he respected lyrically, Hov replied, "I mean everybody is doing their thing. I guess that's a political answer. Nas, of course," Jay revealed before pausing and hesitantly adding, "50 Cent, Em, I forgot about Em." Envy immediately retorted that 50 knew how to make songs, but didn't rank on his personal lyrical list. Jigga then offered "In that case you wouldn't put Pac there or you wouldn't put Big." Young also denied reports that he was set to release a new solo album later this year. "It's just really about if I'm fiending for it. I just can't escape it. I'm not just gonna stay out the game because I said I am if I'm missing it like that," Jay offered. "I gotta just truly miss it and be fiending to do it."

14 May 2005 by News Team
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Donald Trump to appear on G-Unit radio...

DJ Whoo Kid is scheduled to receive multi-millionaire mogul Donald Trump on his G-Unit Radio show this coming Saturday.

Actor Anthony Anderson is also scheduled to appear on the show, yet the streets are now buzzing about Trump stopping by Sirius' Shade 45 station. Taking time from his busy schedule, Whoo Kid recently told SOHH.com how he linked up with The Donald.

14 May 2005 by News Team

50 Cent gets a deal for assault case...

50 Cent has cut a deal with prosecutors in Springfield, Massachusetts that will help the singer wriggle out of a possible stint in jail.

The deal, which was negotiated today (May 13), was the result of a legal case where the Southside, Queens lyricist was accused of assaulting a pair of women and punching another one.

13 May 2005 by News Team

Feds say Irv Gotti had protection, knew about 50 Cent shootings...

Federal prosecutors have recently accused Irving "Gotti" Lorenzo of receiving "street protection" from Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff in exchange for laundering money into Murder Inc.

Irv and his brother Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo, recently requested a separate trial from co-defendant McGriff, who is charged with ordering the 2001 killing of Queens rapper Eric "E Money Bags" Smith. The Gottis' attorneys have maintained that their clients would be discriminated against if they sat through a trial filled with testimonies on the murder in addition to McGriff's alleged involvement in a double homicide in Maryland.

13 May 2005 by News Team

Alchemist - New Eminem DJ

Eminem has a new DJ and Green Lanterns replacement is a familiar face to Hip-Hop.

The Alchemist, normally affiliated with Mobb Deep, has accepted a position with Eminem as his new in-house spin doctor.

Alchemist told AllhipHop.com, �Basically, we are under the same management. My brother Neal and Paul and they came up with the idea. They approached him and then they approached me and asked me if I was with it. And I said, �Yeah.��

13 May 2005 by News Team

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