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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Eminem: Curtain Call

Eminem's CURTAIN CALL: THE HITS Features His Most Popular Tracks Plus Three New Songs and a Bonus Live Performance!

Deluxe Edition Includes a Second CD Titled 'Stan's Mixtape'.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- CURTAIN CALL: THE HITS (Aftermath/Interscope), the first greatest hits album from rap superstar Eminem, will be issued on December 6, 2005, available in both Parental Advisory and Non-PA versions. Released simultaneously will be a two-disc deluxe edition (PA only) featuring special packaging and a second CD titled "Stan's Mixtape."

Along with 13 of Eminem's biggest hits, CURTAIN CALL includes three new songs -- "Fack," "Shake That" (featuring Nate Dogg) and "When I'm Gone" -- each written and produced by Eminem. In addition, the CURTAIN CALL bonus track marks the album premiere of the controversial Eminem-Elton John live duet of "Stan" from the 2001 Grammy Awards presentation.

"I have some songs that a lot of people like," said Eminem. "I have some songs that only I like. This album is obviously for the 'lot' of people."

03 Dec 2005 by News Team

Eminem addresses rehab stint in his new video

Eminem is back with a new song and video, and like his past videos, he's not afraid to air out his private life to the entire world. That's exactly what he does in his new video, "When I'm Gone."

According to MTV News, in his new video, Em addresses his recent stint in rehab for his dependency on sleep medication. The opening scene of the video is set in a large room that resembles a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, where adults are gathered around a man speaking at a podium. After the man gets his problems off his chest, he asks if anyone would like to share their story, that's when Em gets up and walks to the podium and says "My name is Marshall."

03 Dec 2005 by News Team

D12 Pro Wrestling Hands-on

Hip-hop culture has already had a profound impact on mobile content, and it's poised to take the whole shebang over. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs caused a furor at a recent industry conference when he told the audience that he, in effect, was a vital mobile brand. And, given the position of hip-hop on the ringtone charts, he can hardly be argued with. The tide has spread quickly to mobile games, too. There's already been a Snoop Dogg game, and Marc Ecko and G-Unit games are on the way. Hudson Entertainment wants in on the trend, so
it has leveraged its relationship with The Source to lock down the license to D12--Eminem's somewhat ridiculous but always entertaining rap band. We got our hands on a preview version of D12 Pro Wrestling to see what all the fuss is about. It's a couple of atomic elbow splashes later, and we've got a big grin on our faces.

First of all, Eminem, D12's centerpiece and founding member, didn't make it into the game. Apparently it would have cost Hudson an extra million bucks for the rights to Em's likeness, so his bad self was left out of D12 Pro Wrestling. That's OK, though, because the other five members of the band are there--Bizarre, Kon Artis, Swift, Kuniva, and Proof--as well as a few clever additions, such as a rough and tough character called Groupie, who's sort of a composite picture of D12's infamous female fans, plus two unlockable fighters.

02 Oct 2005 by News Team

G-Unit Radio 14 "Back To Business" tracklist and cover

G-Unit Radio 14 Back To Business cover

"Back To Business" tracklist:

1. Mase-Check Cleared
2. 50 Cent-Kill A Nigga Skit
3. 50 Cent ft/ Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Young Buck, & Spider Loc-Robbery
4. 50 Cent-Killin Me Not To Kill You Skit
5. 50 Cent-Emotional
6. 50 Cent-No More Games Skit
7. Young Buck & Lloyd Banks-Thuggin Til I'm Gone
8. Young Buck & Prodigy-Man Down
9. Tony Yayo-GOD Pt. 3
10. DJ Whoo Kid ft/ M.O.P.-Dance
11. 50 Cent-Hustler's Ambition
12. Mobb Deep-Skit
13. Prodigy-People Talkin
14. 50 Cent-Just A Touch
15. Young Buck & 50 Cent-Ho's Ho's
16. Spider Loc & Young Buck-Gon Pay Me
17. Tony Yayo-Yay Got That Fire
18. Prodigy-Seen Too Much
19. Prodigy & Tony Yayo-Be Dead
20. Coach PR & Dan The Man-G Unit Radio Live In Belfast

02 Oct 2005 by News Team

Ja calls 50 Cent's movie bullshit!

The lingering feud between rival rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule got a jump-start Monday night at a celeb-glutted party celebrating Kevin Liles' new book, "The Hip-Hop Generation Guide to Success."

Lowdown asked Ja, born Jeffrey Atkins, if he's going to see 50's new movie, "Get Rich or Die Tryin.'"

"I always study the enemy, so I might check it out," Ja replied. "But it looks kinda bull-."

02 Oct 2005 by News Team

Eminem & 50 Cent @ MTV European Music Awards

50 Cent is nominated for "Best Male", "Best HipHop", "Best Album" and Eminem is nominated for "Best Male" for the 12th annual MTV Europe Music Awards, which will take place November 3 at the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon.

The 12th annual MTV Europe Music Awards will feature 29 separate awards, including 16 regional awards. The winners will be selected by music fans from across Europe who will be able to vote either online or via their mobile phones..

02 Oct 2005 by News Team
! |

R+B star OLIVIA is laughing off slights made against her sexuality by former G-UNIT labelmate THEOlivia laughs at Game's comments

R+B star OLIVIA is laughing off slights made against her sexuality by former G-UNIT labelmate THE GAME, insisting she's staying faithful to their boss 50 CENT.

The Game upset 50 Cent and his G-Unit pals earlier this year (05) when he accused the IN DA CLUB hitmaker of being "a rat" and blasted all his labelmates on record.

But, while many have fought back, Olivia plans to keep her thoughts about her former pal to herself - even though he refers to her as 'Oliver' and suggests she was born a guy.

She says, "Why should that bother me? We'll all laugh, like, 'Uh, that was funny.' We're so nonchalant about that whole subject. He's the one still harbouring feelings."

And, unlike The Game, Olivia, who collaborated with 50 Cent on CANDY SHOP isn't planning to quit her G-Unit "family" any time soon.

She adds, "Whatever Fif (sic) does, I'm going to support, because he's a great boss - and you shouldn't go against your family."

02 Oct 2005 by News Team
! |

50 Cent, Snoop & The Game set ringtone records

Fans have pushed ringtones by 50 Cent, Snoop Dog and The Game to record breaking status via Sprint PCS� Music Tones service.

50 Cent has become the first artist on Sprint�s network to have two albums reach platinum/gold status, with more than one million Music Tones being downloaded from his album Get Rich or Die Tryin�.

Tracks from 50 Cent�s latest, The Massacre, have been downloaded over 500,000 times.

02 Oct 2005 by News Team

The Game done going at G-unit

Since Game released his UknowWhatItIs Volume 4, everybody has been asking: Just how did Game come to collaborate with actor Katt Williams? Katt, as you know, is the pimp Money Mike from "Friday After Next."

"Money Mike called me," Game said. "He said he heard the Young Gunz was and said he had this track against the Young Gunz. I'm thinking, 'Money Mike? This track is gonna be wack as a mutha----a.' I like Money Mike, but I didn't know what he would do lyrically. He brought the track in the studio, and we was dying all night. So I told him I'd put 16 on it and we'd slap it on the mixtape. When you get dissed by a comedian and it's a legitimate dis and people thinks it's funny, it's pretty much a wrap.

The MC formerly nicknamed "The Hurricane" (see "Game Working To Make Hurricanes � His Shoe Line � A Force For Good") also says he's done going at the G-Unit (see "50 Mocks Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Game, Nas In 'Piggy Bank' Video").

02 Oct 2005 by News Team

Tony Yayo says he wishes he had outsold Kanye

Who says gangstas don't dance? Tony Yayo is down with one of the hardest cliques in rap and says there's nothing wrong with enjoying yourself.

"A lot of artists, when they do their music and come aggressive, they put on the screw face and never have no fun. I like to have fun, man. I'm not gonna walk around with the screw face. I like to smile, joke, have fun and dance. But don't think anything funny about it. Don't think anything's sweet or peaches-and-cream."

Yayo actually has a signature dance he calls "The Tony Yayo," for which he waves his hand in front of his face. You probably caught him doing it at this year's VMAs or in his new video for "Curious." Although the movement looks strikingly similar to WWE heavyweight champ John Cena's "You can't see me" move, Yayo says he came up with it after hanging with 50 Cent's little boy, Marques.

"Me and 50's son created that when I was on the run," he explained. "I had nothing better to do. I was in the house, and we was playing around."

02 Oct 2005 by News Team

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