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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Maino talks about 50 Cent, G-Unit & more

Maino's been seeing all the trouble Saigon has been having on Atlantic Records, but that didn't stop him from recently inking a deal with the company.

"Only way a team could win is if all the players are in tune with each other," he explained about his departure from Universal Records. "It was no camaraderie up there, no cohesion. The staff didn't work well together, so how could we win? You had me, Jae Millz, Remy Ma. It's not a coincidence that we're all off the label."

Maino also points out that he never even officially released a single during his stint on Uni.

25 Jun 2007 by News Team

50 Cent's baby mama happy about $ 100 million deal

NO one was more thrilled that 50 Cent is $100 million richer than his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, who's in a child-support case against the hip-hop star. Fifty's windfall is due to his stake in Vitamin Water, whose parent company, Glaceau, was bought by Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion. Tompkins wants some of 50's share for their 10-year-old son, Marquise Jackson. Her lawyer, Raoul Felder, told us, "This will be a subject of the trial." A lawyer for the rapper says, "The extent of his worth is irrelevant. He always has and always will support his son." The case resumes Friday in Suffolk County Family Court.

Source: nypost.com

19 Jun 2007 by News Team
! |

50 Cent adds fuel to Oprah Winfrey feud

50 Cent defends hip-hop in the July issue of Spin � and says Oprah Winfrey is simply out of touch with his audience. "She doesn't ever say anything that anybody from the ghetto is gonna ID with," 50 said. "Take a poll. You go out and find me some young black women who ID with Oprah. ... She can escape the fact that she's black because she's a billionaire." 50 also said in the interview that hip-hop takes more heat than it deserves. "I think it affects people a lot more to see a film where somebody realistically gets their head blown off than to listen to somebody rapping for three minutes." ...

15 Jun 2007 by News Team

Beastie Boys finally hitting Brooklyn

They sang "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," but the Beastie Boys never performed there - until now.

The homegrown, white hip-hop legends this week announced they'll be performing in Brooklyn for the first time since forming more than 20 years ago.

The trio - Brooklyn-born Adam Yauch (above r., with Adam Horovitz, l., and Mike Diamond) -will make a splash at McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg on Aug. 9 as part of a tour in support of their new album, "The Mix-Up."

At $50 a pop, tickets for the show go on sale tomorrow. Fans of such classics as "Brass Monkey" and "Sabotage" get another chance to hear them at a headlining gig in the Central Park SummerStage series Aug. 8.

The former punk rockers broke onto the scene in a big way in 1986 with the album "License to Ill," which included the anthem "No Sleep Till Brooklyn."

Source: nydailynews.com

14 Jun 2007 by News Team
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The Game rejects plea in officer impersonation case

The Game appeared in a New York courtroom today (June 13) and rejected an offer from prosecutors that would have allowed him to avoid possible jail time. According to New York Newsday, Game turned down the district attorneys offer of a sentence of time served in return for a guilty plea on a police impersonation charge that he picked up late last year. The Compton native was picked up on November 16 in Manhattan after a yellow cab he was riding in ran several red lights. When officers questioned the driver, he told them that his passenger had identified him as a police officer and instructed him to run the lights. Game was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer. The deal he turned down would have counted the time he spent in custody waiting to go before a judge as his sentence. “Why should he plead guilty to bogus charges for a non-jail sentence if hes innocent,” the rappers attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, said outside the courthouse. “And he is innocent. Its rare that I have a 100 percent innocent defendant, but this is one.” Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke ordered Game back to court on September 20.

Source: xxlmag

14 Jun 2007 by News Team
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Funkmaster Flex condemns anti-snitching movement, speaks on 50 Cents...

During his nightly show on New York City radio station, Hot 97, Funkmaster Flex and his guest, Fabolous, discussed the tragic murder of Dipset rapper, Stack Bundles, and the negative impact associated with hip-hop. In an emotionally charged interview on Monday, June 11, Flex denounced the anti-snitching movement, calling for people to come forth with information concerning Stacks murder. “Call me what you want, Im snitchin,” said Flex, who also stated he was going to read out police hotline numbers on the air for anyone who had any information.

Flex also questioned the influx of hustlers in hip-hop, stating, “Im starting to feel like the street element is seeping into the game too thick and too strong. I really dont care who gets offended. There used to be a separation of the music and the hustle. Im not really feeling that its separated anymore. The hustlers are managing the rappers.”

14 Jun 2007 by News Team

Beastie Boys: Lock Down - Short U.S. Tour

As expected, the Beastie Boys will play a handful of live dates this summer, alternating between more traditional hip-hop shows and an instrumental set along the lines of the trio's new Capitol album, "The Mix-Up."

The hip-hop shows will begin Aug. 1 in Philadelphia and run through Aug. 25 in Berkeley, Calif. Pre-sale tickets will be available Thursday (Aug. 14). Dates for the instrumental performances have yet to be announced.

13 Jun 2007 by News Team

Make room, Moms For Obama: Jin is Barack's new MySpace friend

'This is the dude I'm rocking with,' battle MC says of presidential hopeful.

Rap tracks can definitely lend themselves to strange bedfellows; Nelly and Tim McGraw are a pair that comes to mind.

But battle MC Jin never imagined a song of his would actually lead him to (sort of) become friends with a presidential candidate. Yet that's (sort of) what happened when he posted a freestyle on his MySpace page titled "Open Letter 2 Obama," a pep-rally-like track honoring Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.

"I put it up on my page, sent the MP3 out to different Web sites, just the standard protocol," Jin said of the track's origin.

"I don't think I've ever been interested and passionate about an election prior to this," he continued. "So I did the record, we put it out, and as things started growing traction, people from the actual campaign started reaching out to me. At first it started out with the MySpace page sending me a message saying, 'Great song, we appreciate it, keep it up.' I wrote back like, 'Thanks, appreciate it.' Then another week goes by and they hit me up again, like, 'Yo, what's your profile address? We'd like to feature you in our top friends.' I'm like, 'Cool.' And next thing you know, I check it and I'm the top friend on that page, which was pretty ill."

13 Jun 2007 by News Team

Stat Quo: "Statlanta"

A look at Stat's Shady/Aftermath debut, out this August 28. PLUS: Stat talks on Dre's "Detox"!

Stat Quo's debut album, Statlanta, is finally dropping in 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006. 2007. You think we lie. We do not lie. Stat came through VIBE last week and played us some tracks, snippets and sneak previews from his oft-pushed, much-anticipated record. He also talked about where he's been, and gave a little insight into the work behind another long-delayed album: Detox, which he's been working on with Dr. Dre in a top-secret hole in the ground somewhere on the West Coast. Not really about that last part, but as Stat put it, "We can live like groundhogs, so long as the music's crazy." (click "read more" for an interview and a whole lot more)

13 Jun 2007 by News Team

Timbaland arrested in Germany

Timbaland was busted by German cops on Sunday who said he and members of his posse sent a bar patron to the hospital.

It was Colgone, Germany where Timbaland and his friends allegedly attacked a man outside Hotel Intercontinental late Sunday night after a Justin Timberlake concert. The argument allegedly started when a man named Robert F became visibly upset over his girlfriend talking to Timbaland.

12 Jun 2007 by News Team

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