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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Bizarre speaks on his relationship with Eminem

Is Eminem involved in the album at all?

Nah, I did this album quick, so I really didn’t have time to reach out to him. He’s busy doing his thing too. I wanted to really do this on my own, with no influence. I’m trying to get away from the whole Eminem thing. I just want to be Bizarre and not focus on Marshall at all.

Is your relationship with Em still as strong as it once was?

Yeah man, we still cool. But you got to fly away from the nest. Because, to me, I’m just as much of character as he is. Why should I be standing around in the background, in the shadows of somebody else, when I could get out there? People think I’m funny. People mess with me too. So I got to get out there and explore, do my thing.

What’s the status on the new D12 album?

We been working on it for like six months now. But it’s kind of on hold because Interscope wants Marshall to come out with his album first. He’s gonna come out with his thing real quick.

Source: XXLmag.com

25 Oct 2007 by News Team
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Article on Eminem "Can he reclaim the spotlight at 35?"

Marshall Mathers has turned 35, and he finds himself at an interesting career crossroads. Out of the public eye for the better part of the last two years, he's past the point where a new album would simply be a new album. It would be a "comeback" album.

His last studio effort, 2004's "Encore," found the Detroit rapper either at his most eccentric or his most juvenile. It was the sound of a man who seemed bored of rapping and out to amuse only himself, and it sold about half as many copies as its predecessor.

In the time since, he's made more headlines in his private life than he has professionally, with his stint in rehab and his re-marriage and quickie divorce to his ex-wife Kim Mathers.

So what now? Can Eminem come back, or does he even want to?

He's been in the studio for months working on a new album, though no date for the project has been set.

Here's some unsolicited advice for the rapper to ensure a successful return to the spotlight:

Switch your style up: Beginning with "My Name Is," Eminem has always previewed his albums by releasing a goofy, pop-culture-skewering first single (see also "The Real Slim Shady," "Without Me" and "Just Lose It"). Though there is no shortage of easy targets right now -- see Paris, Lindsay, Britney, et al. -- that may not be the best direction to go. "He's getting older, and that's seen as something that's whimsical and young," says Erik Parker, director of content at hip-hop news site SOHH.com. "A more introspective route might fare better for him this time around." Besides, by the time "Encore's" anemic "Just Lose It" rolled around, the formula had pretty much dried up. Says Parker: "As far as doing the exact same thing, the music industry has proven that the same thing is not working."

25 Oct 2007 by News Team

Eminem to contribute to upcoming Tupac book

Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Common are among the contributors to Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy, a new book to be released in February of 2008. Tupac Remembered will feature interviews and first hand accounts from a wide range of rap artists and celebrity notables detailing their memories and personal experiences with ‘Pac. Tupacs aunt Gloria Cox, friend Molly Monjauze and author Staci Robinson compiled the book. Other contributors and interview subjects include The Outlawz, Talib Kweli, E-40, Treach and poet Maya Angelou. A portion of the profits from the book will help support the Tupac Amauru Shakur Foundation for the Arts.

25 Oct 2007 by News Team
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Eminem - Live in New York City

Eminem’s 2005 Madison Square Garden concert performance during his Anger Management Tour is coming to DVD on November 13. Titled Live In New York City by Eminem, the DVD recaptures the concert footage originally aired on the Showtime Cable Network and features guest appearances by D12, Obie Trice and Stat Quo.

25 Oct 2007 by News Team

Is Eminem really comming back!?

With more and more people close to Eminem talking about him recording new tracks and even a new album...

Is he really comming back? Did he ever even leave? Where, why, when and how? Come back for more information soon...

11 Oct 2007 by News Team

Ja Rule leaves bitterness and 50 Cent beef behind on his new album

NEW YORK � It's no secret that the past few years haven't exactly been easy for Ja Rule and the Inc., with federal indictments; feuds with 50 Cent, among other artists; not to mention the crew's luster waning a tad bit.

But rather than rushing out material in the wake of those media storms, after six albums in six years, the Queens rapper decided to take a much needed moment to get his thoughts together. He figured he'd have a lot to say on The Mirror, his upcoming album, due in stores September 25. It's his first album since 2004's R.U.L.E.

13 Jul 2007 by News Team

Dr. Dres daughter "Manaj" is going to star in upcoming reality based film

TM Media Group, Inc., a diversified entertainment and media holding company, announced today the reality-based film project called Daddy's Shadow, starring Dr. Dre's daughter "Manaj." Daddy's Shadow is a feature-length documentary centered on Manaj's quest to break into the music industry despite her legendary multi-millionaire father's objections and lack of support. The film is currently under production.

07 Jul 2007 by News Team

50 Cent learns the value of a dollar

Thursday, July 5th 2007

The free ride is over at 50 Cent's G-Unit Records.

The rap mogul has confessed he was overgenerous with artists on his label. In fact, Fitty spent $8.5 million of his own money to take a lot of the rappers on his most recent tour so that they could bring their entourages - and so that everyone could travel, as he says, "comfortably."

Not only that, he'd hand out hundreds of thousands of dollars to them at a time just for the asking, Sacha Jenkins writes in the new issue of XXL magazine. "Whether I got to give them $500,000 or $300,000 ... Just 'cause they want $300,000 more to make what they doing at the time comfortable. Like, 'yo, I want to get this new place over here.' "

05 Jul 2007 by News Team

Ciara & 50 Cent: Can't Leave Em Alone premiere July 2nd

Ciara and 50 get up close and personal in Ciara's sexy new Video "Can't Leave Em Alone". Tune in on Monday, July 2nd to MTV2's Unleashed for the premiere!

01 Jul 2007 by News Team
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50 Cent speaks on Curtis and BET Awards incident

One way or another, 50 Cent makes sure the world talking about him � especially after his performance at the BET Awards on Tuesday night.

Fif performed "Amusement Park" during the live broadcast after an online contest allowed fans to pick between him doing that track or his "Straight to the Bank."

But the G-Unit leader's appearance was more memorable because he skipped the entire first verse of the song and instead traveled into the crowd, giving out pounds to some of his peers.

28 Jun 2007 by News Team

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