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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


SITE UPDATE: Eminem Video section

For those interested, we have uploaded some older Eminem related videos - interviews, commentaries and live appearances. You might have already seen them, but I guess it's worth a check. More to come soon!

Page where future updates, including this one will take place: Eminem videos

Eminem interview in London
Download the interview (22MB - rapidshare.com)

Eminem at MTV Movie Awards 2005 - Ass Like That & Mockingbird
Download the video (28MB - rapidshare.com)

Eminem - Business (Live in Tokyo, Japan)
Download the video insert (14MB - rapidshare.com)

Eminem talking about Hailie
Download the video (4MB - rapidshare.com)

29 Nov 2007 by News Team
! |

Eminem on the new G-Unit album

As for the G-Unit album, 50 divulged that it is almost done and that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland have already contributed. The last song they are waiting on is a track with Eminem.

"We gotta work with Em, that's it," he said. "Then we can be done with it. Production-wise, I captured what I needed. But I didn't want to not have Em's stamp on it. We probably won't get his vocals until he's heard the full body of work and he's excited about it. Before my work , it has to pass the Eminem test, the Dr. Dre test � it's a few tests before we push them to the street. That's why they can expect a higher quality of 50 Cent music than the usual artist."

Source: MTV.COM

29 Nov 2007 by News Team
! |

Eminem doesn't want to tour because of his daughter, Hailey

LONDON: Hip hop artiste 50 Cent said fellow rapper Eminem doesn't want to tour because of the fear of upsetting his daughter.

50 Cent believes the former D12 member's six-year-old daughter Hailey does not like him being away from home and Eminem wants to put his fatherhood before his career, reports contactmusic.com.

18 Nov 2007 by News Team

911 call placed from Donda West's home

A source told TMZ.com that a 911 call was placed Saturday night (Nov. 10) at 7:35 pm PST and Donda West was transported to Centinela Freeman Hospital in Marina del Rey.

Reports say West was unresponsive when she was brought to ER around 8:00 pm PST. Doctors tried to resuscitate her but were unable. West was pronounced dead at approximately 8:30 pm PST.

13 Nov 2007 by News Team

Update: Doctor says he refused to perform procedure on Kanyes mom; Funeral arrangements revealed

A plastic surgeon has revealed that he refused to perform the ‘cosmetic procedure on Dr. Donda West which has been tied to her sudden death.

Donda, who is the mother to rapper Kanye West, died in Los Angeles this weekend following what her publicist called a ‘cosmetic procedure.

Patricia Green, Dondas publicist, did not specify what the procedure was or what the exact cause of death was.

Hours after Greens revelation, the Los Angeles Coroners Office would confirm that Donda died from ‘possible complications due to surgery . The coroners office claimed they did not know what kind of surgery it was.

13 Nov 2007 by News Team

Kanye West has paid tribute to his mom, Donda, throughout his career

Kanye West Has Paid Tribute To His Mom, Donda, Throughout His Career -- In Songs And Interviews

'My mother was my everything,' rapper told MTV News in 2005 about his childhood.

13 Nov 2007 by News Team

50 Cent tired of touring

And isn't even sure if he's going to make another album..

Click for the interview

09 Nov 2007 by News Team
! |

Eminem on Shade 45

Eminem on Shade 45, November 2007. Mediocre sound quality...

Download MP3 (16MB - rapidshare.com)

08 Nov 2007 by News Team
! |

Bishop Lamont about Eminem's new album

Dubcnn: It’s gonna be awesome! One of the guest appearances on “Caltroit” is Dr. Dre!

Yeah, AKA “Hell Yeah!” Bless you man. He’s in Detroit right now working with Em, and they’re coming up with some lovely shit, I can’t wait. Em’s shit’s gonna be amazing, because we need Em back, but was just easy. It was spontaneous. He just jumped into the booth and was like, “What y’all want me to do?” It’s easy. So there’s some surprises coming, that’s just a little taste. I just want to floss. Most people can’t even get a Dre beat, let alone get him on a mixtape, so it’s fun.

Dubcnn: Have you been working on Eminem’s new project at all?

No, but we’re actually going to be doing…I don’t want too get deep into it. It’s a lot of magic going on, you know what I’m sayin’? You could see a “Bad Meets Evil” part 2, just like Royce and Em got down, shouts out to the big homeboy Royce. We’re brainstorming something really fresh, so you’re definitely gonna see a collaboration. I’m gonna stop there! I want surprises for “The Reformation,” but yeah, there’s gonna be some magic. Em’s got a crazy album, I can say that!

Source: dubcnn

08 Nov 2007 by News Team
! |

Alchemist wants to work with Eminem again

In a recent interview, producer and Mobb Deep affiliate The Alchemist revealed that he wants to work with Eminem again.

Al served as Eminem's DJ on 2005's "Anger Management Tour" and produced a number of tracks for the posse album Eminem Presents: The Re Up, but said he has more in mind.

08 Nov 2007 by News Team

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