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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Happy New Year 2008! :)

All the best in 2008! Think of it as a new slate of your life and make the best out of it! Cheers!

Happy New Year 2008 - Fireworks

01 Jan 2008 by News Team
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Bizarre pays tribute to slain rapper Proof

Bizarre D12's Bizarre is known for his rotund, tattooed stomach, shower-cap-covered head and uncanny wit. However, after fellow D12 rapper Proof was shot and killed last year, he strived to show his serious side. The result is the single "So Hard."

"'So Hard' is basically a tribute to Proof and the struggles that I went through as a rapper in trying to get a record deal in the music business," Bizarre said during an interview with LiveDaily. "There were a lot of trials and tribulations that I had to withstand. I wanted people to see a more serious side of Bizarre."

25 Dec 2007 by News Team

Happy Holidays!

To the people of all nations, cultures and relgions, we wish all the best in the year 2008. Have fun and enjoy the celebrations in the days to come

With best wishes,


Shady Claus

25 Dec 2007 by News Team
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Judge dismisses privacy violation case against Dr. Dre

Last week a Michigan judge ruled to dismiss a case involving rapper Dr. Dre and three former City of Detroit employees.

According to the Detroit Free Press, in a ruling issued December 4th but released just yesterday (Dec. 10) Wayne County Circuit Judge John A. Murphy decided that the former officials had no reason to believe a conversation they held with Dr. Dre concert producers in 2000 was private.

13 Dec 2007 by News Team

Alchemist speaks on Eminem's recent work

Due to being Eminem's "official DJ," Alchemist was able to speak on the Detroit emcee. "Eminem is one of the greatest of all time, and you know he's not done with rap music. He's definitely still working. I mean, come on - this is Eminem, this is what he does. I can't tell you when he's coming or what not, but know that every day he wakes up...he's musically inclined, so you know he's creating something incredible."

Alchemist also said he got to hear some of the recent work Em has put in in the studio, stating that it was "on another level."

13 Dec 2007 by News Team
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New track featuring Eminem

Helleva ft Eminem - I can be
New song from a DJ young Mase Mixtape with Obie Trice

Eminem's Lyrics:

"cuz i can be calm, i can be cool/
i can be rude, i can do whatever you want me to do/
whatever you want me to be, i can be it/
whatever side you want me to show you, you just let me know, and ill let you see it/
i gotta college degree at being a prick if you push me/
wont hesitate to stick my dick in you pussies/
so however you want it/
get it any way you like it/
whichever way you prefer it/
cuz we serving it how ever you want it/ (BITCH!)"

06 Dec 2007 by News Team
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Bishop Lamont interview with Dubcnn

(November 2007)

"Bang! This is your boy Bishop Lamont. We’re chillin’ backstage at Club Element, we’re here for the exclusive. “Caltroit”: trick or treat bitches, Happy Halloween!"

Dubcnn: Tell us about the general vibe you were going for when you were making “Caltroit” with Black Milk…

Just fun man - something that had no strings to it no formulas. I didn’t give a fuck about radio, didn’t give a fuck about Billboard charts, didn’t give a fuck about trends. I just the essence of hip-hop - just MCing, beatmaking, digging in the crates, just rhyming - just the fun again, the freedom. It’s uninhibited, it’s going there! I got to work with all my favorite MCs, so it was just fun for me, and it was therapy. At the same time working on my album and “Detox,” and a gang of other shit going on. So basically the premise was: let’s do something fun, fresh, and different.

06 Dec 2007 by News Team

Bishop Lamont interview with XXL (Part 2)

Let’s talk about the new Caltroit mixtape with you and Black Milk. It really outshines a lot of retail releases in terms of quality and creativity…

That was the goal. It’s about making these muthafuckas put their money where their mouth is instead of fans doing that and wasting their money on lackluster albums and on artists that are wack as a muthafucka! You’ve got artists that don’t put their all in to it and just settle on paying T-Pain for hooks. Artists have to dig deeper than that. It was also about putting the music up for free and letting the people place a value on it… We’ve spent money for years on these muthafuckas and they have never given back, so before you even spend money on me, I’ve spent money on y’all. It kind of hit home when I was overseas and I bumped in to Pharaohe Monch at some Jamaican restaurant and we were just talking hip-hop and how powerful it was this far away from home. People take that for granted and don’t realize the impact that their music can have.

06 Dec 2007 by News Team

Bishop Lamont interview with XXL (Part 1)

It’s been almost two years since Carson, CA native Bishop Lamont was hand-picked by Dr. Dre to be a part of one of rap’s most celebrated label, Aftermath Records. Since joining the label, Bishop Lamont has stirred up the hip-hop scene with the release of his street mixtape N*gger Noize, and more recently Caltroit� with Detroit Producer Black Milk, all while preparing for his Aftermath debut The Reformation. However, being the protegé of Dr. Dre means having to live up to high standards. Fans worldwide have their eyes on Lamont, waiting to see the outcome of his work on both his own album and on the album that already has reached mythical status, Dre’s Detox. In the beginning of a two part interview, XXLMAG.COM caught up with Bishop Lamont to get some insight into an artist that many are counting on to be the future of West Coast hip-hop.

06 Dec 2007 by News Team

Iran cracks down on "obscene" rap music

According to the state IRNA news agency, Iran is cracking down on the production of "obscene" Rap Music.

The AFP reports that the official for evaluation of music at the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry, Mohammad Dashtgoli is spearheading the campaign.

"There is nothing wrong with this type of music in itself..." says Dashtgoli. "But due to the use of obscene words by its singers this music has been categorised as illegal. In coordination with the police, illegal studios producing this type of music will be sealed and the singers in this genre will be confronted."

01 Dec 2007 by News Team

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