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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Proof's last ever verse to ft. on Trick Trick's album

Trick Trick According to Trick, however, the most special cut on The Villain � the first single to which, "Let's Work," was just released � is a song called "Together Forever." He says it features the last-ever verse recorded by his friend Proof from D12.

"He did the verse in the studio ," Trick began. "We went to a bar, then went to the casino. The next night, we met at a club called Good Life and he was trying to get me to drink this Patrón. I was like, 'N---a no!' Then we went back to the casino. Then the next night was the night he passed away." (MTV.com)

29 Jan 2008 by News Team
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Eminem makes the AllHipHop Top 20 dopest verses ever

“Renegade”-Jay-Z - The Blueprint (2001) Eminem 1st verse

Absent the antics. Minus the mom mashing. No Hailey in sight, Mr Mathers' lyrical gymnastics outshined S. Dot’s verse over the melody of the beat he himself created. The verse that made Eminem all good in the hood on a critically acclaimed album, and gave a true blueprint on how to flow yet deliver a message. Dropping with the bassline and rising with the background strings, then breaking the pattern for onomatopoeia, Mr. Kiss My Ass was certainly the Renegade on this joint.

29 Jan 2008 by News Team

50 Cent about Eminem's health

Eminem Magazine claims Eminem's "fat pic" wasn't legit!

Everyone was wondering what's going on with Eminem since he suffered a recent heath scare and hasn't been photographed in over a year. He was hospitalized over the holidays in Detroit with pneumonia and heart problems. Sources say Eminem weighs over 200 pounds, which is borderline obese for his height.

50 Cent says he's doing OK, and that reports of his poor health are exaggerated. According to Fiddy, "I got a chance to see him a few weeks ago and people think he is in a worse state than he actually is."

29 Jan 2008 by News Team

Eminem's weight problem rumors exagerated, "Fat" photo was edited

Eminem 'He ain't walkin' around obese,' Trick Trick says, clearing up rumors; LP also features Dr. Dre, Kid Rock, Proof.

With Eminem's presence sorely missed in the hip-hop scene, the least bit of news about him makes fans and media alike go crazy. The latest rumor surrounding the Detroit MC was that he had ballooned to more than 200 pounds. Word on the street is that Slim Fast even came out and publicly offered him an endless supply of its dietary drink � and a spokesman position!

One of Em's friends and frequent collaborators, Trick Trick, says all the joking about Slim Shady not being slim anymore is just ridiculous.

"Em just picked up some weight, that's it," Trick, a fellow Detroit native, downplayed Thursday afternoon. He's nowhere 250 pounds or anything like that. He picked up a little weight. He ain't walkin' around obese or some sh-- though. He can still run two miles if you want him to and still out-box the majority of them. My man still gets down."

29 Jan 2008 by News Team

Busta Rhymes cuts a deal to avoid jail

Busta Rhymes After vowing to fight, Busta Rhymes copped a plea to a number of charges in a New York courtroom on Wednesday and was ordered by a judge to serve three years probation. Rhymes (born Trevor Smith) pleaded guilty to four charges, including two assault charges and a DUI, according to his lawyer.

He's plea on the two assault charges stem from incidents involving an alleged beating of his former limo driver and a separate alleged beating of a fan on a New York street corner; the judge gave Rhymes a sentence of three years probation for those charges. Busta will face a year in jail if he violates the terms of his probation, and an order of protection was reportedly issued for the alleged victims of his assaults. He was also sentenced to 10 days of community service.

26 Jan 2008 by News Team

MTV: The street is talking

MTV The Game is about 80 percent done with his next album, LAX, according to his camp. The man his DJ, Nu Jerzey Devil, is calling "A-Game" has been working with producers Cool and Dre and Scott Storch, among others, but there's word now that he and Dr. Dre are hooking up again too.

" dropped some stuff off," Nu Jerzey Devil said. "But I'm not sure if Game did anything to them yet." Game has been working in Miami and Los Angeles and should be ready to drop sometime this spring. The Compton, California, native has also reunited with his estranged brother, Big Fase, but that hasn't stopped Game from continuing to tell his guys that LAX will spell el fin for him.

"He's fed up with all the BS," Devil said of Game's plans to retire. "Unless something tremendous happens with this album, he'll probably fall back and play the executive role. But this album is sounding better than his first two. He's at his peak. I'mma do everything in my power to keep him going. I think everything will be good."

The Game's next mixtape is tentatively titled Am I My Brother's Keeper and should hit the streets a little before his album. (For more on Devil's work, keep reading.)

Source: MTV

26 Jan 2008 by News Team
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50 CENT: Indie movie mogul in the making

50 Cent - Movie making 50 Cent may be the biggest-selling, toughest-talking, allegedly steroid-ingesting gangsta rapper in the world. But as he made abundantly clear at a news conference held, appropriately enough, at Main Street's House of Hype today, what he really wants to do is produce independent films.

He announced the formation of his as-yet unnamed production company in alliance with his longtime manager, Chris Lighty, and the producer of 50's movies "Home of the Brave" and upcoming "Righteous Kill," Randall Emmett.

26 Jan 2008 by News Team
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Chris Brown and Bow Wow joined by 50 Cent

If you're gonna close a show, close a show. After Lil Mama, Soulja Boy and Bow Wow successfully made the throngs of youngsters at Madison Square Garden scream and dance Thursday night, Chris Brown topped them all by bringing out about half a dozen guests onstage with him.

Most of them didn't even have to physically be there to make an impact (more on that later). But three stars � who happen to be as perennially loved in New York as the Giants (at least when Eli Manning isn't turning over the ball) � did show up live and in living color: Diddy came out for "All About the Benjamins" and "Last Night," while Juelz "Stunting Hard in My White Mink Coat" Santana made a surprise cameo on "Run It."

Probably the biggest surprise entrance of the night was that of the G-Unit's Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and, of course, 50 Cent, who once again shook the building with "I Get Money."

26 Jan 2008 by News Team
! |

Eminem offered a Slim Fast deal?

Abs - Fitness Eminem has been targeted by Slim Fast after his weight ballooned to 15 stone, it has been claimed.

According to reports, this weight gain has prompted fears for his health and inspired an invitation from the infamous dieting company.

A spokesman for the brand commented: "Slim Fast is a program that can really work for someone like Eminem; it's a doable and flexible approach.

"Slim Fast would love to offer Eminem product and assistance to help him become a potential S-F success story."

WTF? Give him a break...

26 Jan 2008 by News Team
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FORUM is now BACK!

Eminem Forum - Feel free to have a look around and join in the discussion :)

Eminem Forum

23 Jan 2008 by News Team
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