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Eminem news

Daily Eminem, Shady Records and related hip-hop news!


Obie Trice: Eminem's album is done?

In a recent radio interview, Obie Trice reportedly commented on Eminem's new album. Read the whole story for the interview transcript...


Obie - What's goin on?

Radio - Obie Obie Obie

Obie - (Laughs) What's happenin?

Radio - Not alot, what's happing with you, what the hell you doing up this early?

Obie - Ah man, I'm sitting up here chillin, ahh on my computer right now, Whats happenin?

Radio - Not alot man, jus woke up myself, jus wiping the eye boogies outta my eyes here (laughs) You got a big party coming up don't ya?

Obie - Yea, we got this part goin on, New Years Eve, and you know the Bottoms Up Lounge, second floor at club seven out there in Pointay

Radio - Aight man, Club Seven, New Years before 12, I gotcha ya, what can we expect from the Shady Camp?

Obie - Uh you know Shady Limited sponsoring it, you know um...

Radio - Ooo, Ima get me some shoes...

Obie - You can get yourself some clothes..(laughs) It's couple of cats performin at night...

Radio - Ah even Jay Hustle is gonna be out there?

Obie - Yup, Jay Hustle is gonna be out there, theres gonna be a few people out there performin. We gonna have it crazy, Like I say, there's gonna be 2 levels of fun, like you can going to Seven, you can come to the Bottom's Up Lounge, were we at, This is a real nice loungy spot, if you jus wanna come and chill out, relax you know, what I'm sayin, the bill at the door is not gonna be that expensive, you know what im saying for a New Years party, you can jus come and have a good time, jus bring it in with your'e boy Trice, I'ma be there jus chillin, you know, we gonna have a good time man, you know, Bring 08 in right.

Radio - Yeah, Drunk. So what you got rollin for the Weekend beforhand man?

Obie - Uh, this weekend I'ma be working man, Im in the studio, Im getting this third Album done, Bottom's Up, you know I'ma be workin.

Radio - So what's that I wanna hear, the new album, What's the deal in 08, whata we lookin for?

Obie - Well, Marshall, Chi?, Trying to put out his album, you know, his album's done, his album is Incredible, I'm looking at after he drops, maybe we get in there hopefully by you know the summer, begining of the summer I have something out here.

Radio - Cool Man, Perfect, one more time, what's ya deal on New Year's homie?

Obie - Yup, the Bottom's Up lounge, Second Floor, Make sure you remember that Club 7, Second Floor, Bottom's Up lounge, that's the name of it, we gonna tear it up, we gonna have a good time, performances gonna full buffeted, we givin away bottles, you know it's gonna be a good thing, so just come have a good time with us. New Year's Eve.

Radio - But, If you see Obie before the weekend, leave him alone, cause he's preparing for New Year's Eve, Right?

Obie - That's Right, you know I gotta get mentally ready, it's gonna be crazy.

Radio - Alright Obie, we'll get at you.

Obie - Shady!

Source: Unknown (?)

11 Jan 2008 by News Team

by shady80babay @ 12 Jan 2008 04:37 pm

by shady80babay @ 12 Jan 2008 04:39 pm
i just hope his new album he goes all out on it like he did for the slim shady lp and marshall mathers lp i no he gonna tear it up ne way tho atta boy shady hope it aint your last

by kaitlyn @ 14 Jan 2008 11:08 pm
omg i cant wait to hear it. most likely it will be just as good or even better then all his other albums. luv u marshall!

by kyle @ 15 Jan 2008 10:29 am
i hope he goes all out as well n on a serios note (e.g stan n when he featured patiently waitin wiv 50 cent)he went sick on them, hes better that way like the early days, dont like when he does stupid songs. this one is gunna drop hopefully cart wait

by lior @ 15 Jan 2008 12:24 pm
i dont know really good english so when the album coming out?